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Eng-1101 Outline

A. Bio

a. Slightly re-introduce myself

b. What I’m passionate about

1. I love to accomplish goals I set for myself

2. I like to strive for future goals I have

3. Where my determination comes from

c. Design Aesthetic or what I see in art and design

1. I really like design

2. I think it’s a great way to get artists feelings out

d. In 5 to 10 years

1. I feel I should at least be working…

2. I could be in school if I go for a higher degree

B. Consideration of Avatar

a. I want it to represent me

b. Represent me in more Ā than just art

C. How it can be interpreted in a different way

a. What they could think based on my multiple pictures

D. What my profile conveys and why it matters

a. I would like for my profile to convey Ā as a learning and progressing student

b. I believe it matters because…


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