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ADV1100 Project #1

View from My Window: Cut Paper


View From My Window : Inked

The only comments I have of my own is that I wish my thumbnails would have been in detail in different ways because the detail was defeated once I colored then in.Inked Thumbnails

View From My Window : Research


While I was drawing “The View From My Window” and I was thinking of what I should write, I could not help but notice how many shapes I could recognize. Throughout the whole time I was sketching out my front yard, I was mainly using lines to draw everything. Than I began to make a lot of rectangles, and squares without even realizing. The gates that I can see from my window began to  look like they were just a series of rectangles. The only other recognizable shape in my sketch is the circle I used to create my bush that is in my yard. Lastly the lines that I can recognize would be in the street which is to resemble the traffic lines, and the two lines used for handles on the doors to the basement in the bottom left corner of the sketch.