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Explain Why You have chosen Your Subject

I think I chose this position becasue it was very striking just becasue of how you can literally see old and new in the same exact place directly next to each other. I think the main story I can feel from this juxtaposition is that the building on the left was built and it had significance when it was built way before the building on the right was probably even drawn up and as each building like the one on the left went down this one is the only one like it and refuses to leave its New york. I would definitly like to figure out  what the building on the left used to be before it became the old building on remsen street.  One quotation that I think works well  with my juxtaposition is “Go back to your old haunts in your old nieghborhoods and what do you see…” I think this works well because the building on the left probably says something to someone who lived there when that building had significance.  ” You swallow hard when you discover that the old coffee shop is now a chain pharmacy” This gives me the same feeling as the first quote because the building on the left has a Hale and Hearty to the left of it and Im sure that wasnt there when the building was first built.

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