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Describe Your Location

IMG_20141002_163507At my location I tried as best as I could to observe with all of my sense’s. At this location I heard a lot of honking horns like everyother location in New york most likely. I also heard the vents behind me blowing out air from in the building to keep the building cool on the inside, which was louder than I thought it should be.  There were three or four buses that kept passing but when the buses passed they repeatedly starting and stopping again and again. Then while I was listening for other things to happen at this location I thought it was pretty cool that I heard the court house bell. Nexty directly after I heard the court house bell I could hear sirens in the distance, and a helicopter flying over my head. I only felt the heat behind me coming from the sun and the extra large, and loud vents on the building behind me, and the train rumbling the ground below me. I also could smell some great food coming from the men with the carts.                                                                                                                                         I can see these two buildings as my juxtaposition because both of these buildings contrast each other in a big way. The overlap is seen in a great way because the building on the left seems like it was built a very long time ago, but on the other hand the building directly next to it seems it was built in the last few years. I believe my picture captures the juxtaposition in a frame pretty well because all you need is the structure and how each building really looks.

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