App #2: Pinterest

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Coursework, Introduction | No Comments

My second App review is Pinterest. I picked this app because I hear great things about it. I starting using it and I was a bit overwhelm because it gave me so many topics at once. I started to explore it and it was similar to Flipboard. One thing i liked was the “All categories” sections where it gives you A-Z categories. I liked the fact that  it gave me a list but the list wasn’t long, instead it gave me more topics once I pressed on a specific category for example (Geek —>Cosplay, Fan Art, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Games of Throne etc.) I found that helpful.

  1. I liked the amount of topics available after picking a Category.
  2. Sharing and saving something, it’s easy.
  3. Liked the simplicity if the app once its open. (even thought it took me some minutes to understand it)
  4. Search Button, I love it. I love the amount of results i get when I’m typing something on the Search button, even when I had misspelled a word.

    I give the app a 8/10.