Ron Ramlall
COMD 3503
My first day in my topics of graphic design class was kind of okay I guess. The professor was every enthusiastic and energetic unlike me who was lacking the energy since it was my first class of the day. I’ve learned some new things that I didn’t really know and some things that I had known but needed to refresh my memory. Overall, it looks like an interesting class, since I’ll get to expand my knowledge in graphic design and learn more in depth what it takes to be a graphic designer.

In class I had a refresher of what are the elements in principles of graphic design, which the professor had an open conversation with the class discussing certain aspects of graphic design. The professor introduce herself and give the class a little bit of her work experience in the graphic design field. Also, the professor had an open conversation with the class of what the expect to learn from the class.

The professor gave the class valuable information on how to prepare for an internship, our portfolio and to have a proper resume. I also got some advice to go to networking events or conference to meet people in my field so I can expand my knowledge in graphic design and by doing this I can gain clients and referrals if I want to be a freelancer in the future.

We watched a TED Talk video which is titled doodle and it was very interesting. I’ve learned a new word called “doodling”. This is my first time encountering this word. Doodling is making scribbles or multiple scribbles to be able to help you think, to be creative if you’re stuck and can’t come up with an idea if I remember correct. I’ve also came across the word “grunge” I think it has to do with the history of graphic design which is something new to me.

Overall, the class seems to be interesting and valuable. I hope I gain some knowledge from it that would help me prepare for internship and how to prepare my portfolio. I also want to learn what are the pros and cons of being a graphic designer.