Malcolm X-Rehana

After reading about Malcolm X”s “Saved” chapter 11, Malcolm X talks about his struggles on how he couldn’t read or write and how his grammar and spelling were very abysmal and he felt bad about it. especially writing a letter to Mr. Muhammad. Another thing that Malcolm X talked about was praying. In his story, there is a quote that says” Praying is the hardest test he ever faced in his life. This quote means that praying was intensely challenging and difficult for him to do but he needed to do it so he can prove something about himself. Another quote in his story says “Mr. Muhammed sent me a typed reply. It had an all but electrical effect upon me to see the signature of the “Messenger of Allah” This quote means that it wasn’t handwritten but typed and it was typed beforehand because he doesn’t read all of the letters he gets. Malcolm refers to Elijah as the “Messenger of Allah”.

Prison studies is a story about Malcolm being in prison for six and a half years and in those six years he couldn’t read or write. There is a quote in his story that says ” Where else but in prison could I have attacked my ignorance by being able to study intensely sometimes as much as fifteen hours a day.” This quote means that he has literature & freedom that he will now be able to do well in the outside world. Malcolm taught himself how to read by copying words off of a dictionary book that he doesn’t know & reading them aloud and also reading his handwriting too.