After reading Anne of green gables which is one of my favorite book, it has taught me to learn how to love yourself which I think it’s the greatest lesson of all. learning and appreciating about your self-identity is very important because it can lead to greater happiness in your life. Another thing that helped me in life is watching my favorite childhood movie called Matilda. It has taught me that “you are not alone” and that quote is very important because every human are different but that makes us unique. We might have different problems we go through and how we solve each others problems. Some of us have different hobbies and different dreams of the future and how we want it to turn out.

I was bullied a lot in my childhood and all the bullying made me have a lot of anxiety & depression and not know what I want to be in the future. and then I started to become very shy. I was very addicted to being on the computer and being on my phone a lot throughout my life. I’d focused too much on social media which made me feel bad about myself focusing on other people. and I was very oblivious. I would always stay up all night too. But I turned all that around by reading so many books and watching inspirational movies, I took a break off of social media, and I became less shy. I started to have better social interaction with people and I’m starting to become very optimistic about the future.

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