Frederick Douglass-Rehana

Part 1

On paragraph 3, Why Douglass so interested in figuring out what abolition? and how did learning to read inspire Douglass to make a change? and How does Douglass learn about abolition? and why doesn’t he take the advice from the Irishmen?

After hearing and learning the word abolition, he was happy to become a reader and that slaves were getting their freedom even though it was a very horrendous time period. and the reason why reading inspired Douglass to make a change was that he read about freedom which led him to escape slavery. he learns about abolition by reading about it in a city paper. subsequently, Douglass was making a wonderful speech to fight against slavery. Douglass ignores the Irishmen advice is because he was afraid that they were going to betray him.

Part 2

On paragraph 1, What does Douglass’s mistress means when she says ” she seemed to think that here lay the danger”? and Who was the first person to help Douglass learn how to read? and Why does Douglass say that learning to read was a curse rather than a blessing?

I believe his mistress was saying that if the slaves know how to read or write they would understand how their lives should change and that they can make freedom papers. and The first person who help Douglass learn how to read was the wife of master Hugh. and Lastly after learning how to read Douglass realized that it showed his horrible situation that he did not learn how to escape slavery.