Hello, Everyone! My name is Rehana Parvin. I’m 19 years old. I grew up in Brooklyn, but my parents are originally from Bangladesh. This is currently my 3rd year semester at City Tech and I’m majoring in Liberal Arts because I want to be able to communicate well with other people. I have three siblings. One older sister, an older brother, and a little brother. One of my hobbies includes Magic Tricks, Martial Arts (such as karate), and Arts (that includes painting & drawing). I also like listening to music which is K-pop and J-pop and I love watching horror movies. I’m interested in traveling to different countries and learning new languages. I want to learn how to play an instrument which includes playing the acoustic guitar & piano.  My reasoning for being at City Tech is to have a better future in life. Growing up I had a hard time Reading & Writing because of my dyslexia, but then I started reading above my grade level which helped me so much. Throughout my childhood, I was a very shy person. I also have difficulty socializing with people.

After college, I plan on going to a Martial Art school so that I can learn self-defense and try some cool moves. Hopefully this year I get to have a wonderful time at City Tech and have a better social interaction. There’s really not much to know about me, so yeah I’m a very boring person. (Sorry you guys) and to be honest I don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up, even though I love Art so much! I look forward to being with you guys throughout this semester!

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