Portable and in-ground are the two main types of spa. They have their own pros and cons. Whether you are preparing an indoor getaway or a backdoor retreat, look at several issues before making a purchase and performing an installation of a hot tub or home spa.

What are the issues that you must consider when preparing spa arrangement?

There are following questions that you will need to ask yourself. This will help you get a clarity to make the right decision.

  • Should I invest in hot tub or a spa?
  • Do I need a portable unit or an in-ground unit?
  • Will it be an exterior or an interior unit?
  • What extent of disturbance will the installation involve?
  • What type of zoning restrictions will it result in?
  • In what ways the construction impacts my insurance?
  • What is the best way to keep my family members and guests safe?

Difference between a hot tub and a spa

The major difference between a spa and a hot tub is the type of construction. Hot tubs are made using wood. Spas, on the other hand is available in different sizes and shapes. Where in-ground varieties are made
using concrete,
acrylic material
, gunite, and tile is used in the construction of portable spas.

There is a significant price difference between portable spas and in-ground spas. Portable spas are comparatively cheaper than in-ground spas.Local Pools & Spas is one of the most reputed swimming pool builders in the entire New South Wales, Australia

Benefits and cons of Portable spas


Portable spas are very easy and quick to install. Once installed, they are all set to run within just a few hours. These units not just provide an ultimate spa experience along with skirting and support equipment. Portable
spas are appropriate for small yards.

You can easily take it along with you anywhere. If you are looking for an energy efficient option, then this spa will result in the most economical use. Compared to in-ground spa, these spas have more number of jets. Its accessories like covers are affordable and easy.


Difficult to hide, most of the portable spas look like an undesirable central point of a landscape. They are available in limited choices of shapes and size by manufacturers.

In-ground spa


The prime benefit of this spa is that it adds a dramatic impact to the yard. You can even personalize their size and shape. In-ground spa is easy to integrate into a deck. Pairing it with a swimming pool, you can transform your basic looking yard into a stunning landscape.


They are more expensive than portable spa. Also, you need to get them built by an experienced professional. As this spa include several features, like additional jets, the cost of the construction and fitting of spa gets increased.


Choosing the spa is not a difficult decision when you are clear about your requirements. Getting knowledge about the different types of spa will help you find the best one for your needs.