For a sound sleep, mattress plays a vital role, so it is crucial to know its features. When you go shopping for a new mattress, you need to consider several factors.

Firm mattress

Expert suggestions for every buyer regarding mattress firmness is, ‘Selection will depend on personal preference given that the firmness supports your body, appropriately’

Experts measure body shape from 36 different points in lying down and standing up position, on the mattress. Therefore, they can tell how well the mattress can support your spine shape while sleeping.

Orthopedic mattress

Orthopedic term sounds a bit medical, but does not necessarily indicate that it is the best mattress for you. The description can be applied by any mattress. Check body support rating provided on, which displays how well each mattress keeps the spine aligned in its natural shape. It is a good guideline, which will help you find an appropriate mattress suitable for your back.

Spring density

Spring quality is crucial rather than quantity. The way the springs are constructed matters more than the number. It is tested that mattresses ranging from 44 – 1,085 springs are made available with wide variety of support level.

Mattress padding

Spring system mattresses are padded in general with artificial polymers, but there are few that comprise of natural fibers like wool or horsehair. Padding layers affect breathability and firmness. The belief that more layers are better is wrong, but the support from springs is very crucial.

Mattress toppers

Sleeping on mattress becomes more comfortable with a topper. It is an extra layer that sits on the memory foam mattress top. It is not so expensive, but mattress toppers can differ in their quality.

Mattress handles

The handles aid in flipping and arranging the mattress properly. Several mattresses cannot be flipped, but you can gain from rotating.

Essential mattress look-after tips

Unpack immediately

Plastic wrappings left on the new mattress can eventually rot it. In addition, unwrapping gets rid of chemical odor, which some new mattresses are associated with. Exposing it to fresh air eliminates the smell, in a few days.


Remove bed coverings in the morning and let the mattress breath in fresh air for 2 minutes. It allows your body dampness absorbed by the mattress to evaporate.

Flip mattress regularly

All the mattresses don’t need turning but if it is recommended then turn and rotate it regularly every week for initial 3 months then after every 3 to 4 months. The upholstery fillings in the mattress gets settled down more uniformly. Handles can make them easy to turn or rotate.

No bouncing

Maintain mattress performance, never make a habit of sitting on the edge daily and don’t allow pets or kids to jump on it.

Mattress cover for protection

Mattress cover keeps and protects the condition of your mattress. Washable cover is best for houses having kids to protect from spill stains. In case, you suffer from dust allergy buy special covers designed from ‘barrier’ fabric.


To eliminate the dust, vacuum your mattress and its base regularly.

Remove stains

Mattress stains can be removed with cotton cloth soaked in warm water and mild detergent. Allow the wet area to dry, properly.

Mattress toppers

If your mattress becomes less comfy overtime then consider buying mattress topper. It is an extra padding or foam top, but soon you will need to consider replacing the old mattress.

Check mattress guarantee

Generally, mattress guarantee does not cover the regular wear and tear, which causes support loss.

If the mattress is taken care of properly then it will serve you for more than 10 years.