Are you a beginner in programming languages? The world of programming languages is vast. As such, it becomes increasingly confusing for the beginners to interpret which programming language they should learn first. Every now & then, the programming trends keep changing. If you plan to start your career in the field of programming languages, the latest trend calls for learning the basic concepts of Python.

Python is a totally free language available for downloading, using, and coding effectively. Most of the commands in the Python programming language are simple English phrases. Thus, it becomes easier for the beginners to write and remember commands. The codes available in Python programming language are easily readable. Therefore, a beginner can easily learn several concepts of Python easily without being a pro at it.

Python was designed by keeping the beginners in mind. Therefore, if you are looking forward to making it big in the programming world, then you can consider learning Python due to a wide range of reasons. Some of the top reasons are:

  • Your First, Basic Steps in Programming: The Python programming language can serve to be your starting point in the vast field of programming. The employers out there are constantly searching for fully stacked programmers. Thus, Python can help you become a full-fledged programmer with much ease.
    Obtaining the coding knowledge of Python is relatively simpler because the methodologies used in Python can be made use of over a wide spectrum of applications & platforms. Even when you have no prior knowledge of programming, you are easily able to make out the basic concepts, differences, similarities and so more with respect to the syntax of the Python programming language.
  • Raspberry Pi & Python: Raspberry Pi serves to be the cheap, credit card-sized microcomputer that is currently being used for a wide range of exciting DIY projects including remote-controlled toys, robots, video gaming consoles, and so more. When you have Python as the programming language for learning the concepts of Raspberry Pi, nowadays even the kids are able to build highly interactive DIY radios, robots, cameras, and arcade machines.
  • Value for Money: In case you are worried about the overall advantages of learning Python in monetary terms, then you must realize the fact that it will pay when you learn Python as your first or primary programming language. Most of the leading, world-class IT firms & organizations including Google, Yahoo, IBM, and others make use of Python for a wide range of applications. In fact, a survey reported that in the year 2013, Python –amongst all other programming languages had the largest job demand growth of as much as 19 percent. You can expect to get lucrative salary packages when you learn Python as it is in great demand by the leading IT companies worldwide.
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: AI (Artificial Intelligence) tends to be the next, big development in the technology world. For several years, the programmers across the world made use of MATLAB programming language for the purpose of scientific research. With the advent of the Python programming language, several high-end numerical computational engines including SciPy and Numpy were able to perform the complex calculations with the help of a single “import” statement followed by the function call.
    In the recent times, Python programming language has gradually risen to become the most preferred platform for performing computer science research. Due to the speed, flexibility, and machine learning functionality of the language, Python is expected to rule over the Machine Learning & AI (Artificial Intelligence) landscape in the coming times.
  • Highly Preferred for Web Development: When you are web programming with the help of Python programming language, you can come across a wide array of choices as the language offers several interactive frameworks for your ease. Some of the top-class web frameworks offered by Python include Django, Pylons, TurboGears, web2py, and so more. Out of these, Django is the most preferred web framework for web development. While the majority of web portals out there might still run on PHP, most of the new web applications are nowadays created using the Python concepts &
  • Ideal for Startups: If you are launching your startup business and need a great website in your budget, then Python serves to be a great choice. Python being the free programming language for use, you can utilize it for designing and developing a highly interactive & user-friendly website for your customers. Python turns out to be an ideal solution for the startup businesses out there. It allows the web developers to code fast, build complex web applications with minimum lines of codes, and save ample resources effectively.

Make the most of the Python programming language to develop your amateur coding skills. For more such posts on computer programming, visit right now!