Necklaces add to an instant quirk in the outfit that might be missing somehow and increase the charm instantly. These days the neckpiece designs can be found in a wide variety and look perfect with almost every kind of outfit be it formal, casual, or traditional. Take a look at the amazing collection of necklace pieces at to get your hands on some exquisite styles that would go well with your outfit. Also, here are some of the necklace trends that you should follow:

1. Gold medallions

These simplistic yet classic pieces of jewelry are something that every girl should own as they go well with almost every outfit even the ones that you wear during the winters. Be it a casual day or a formal event, if you do not want to dress yourself too much and are looking for an easy go-to option, then the gold medallions are something that would work the best for you. You can purchase them in both silver and gold designs.

2. Short necklaces

Short necklaces are best for the everyday outfit if you are someone who is in college or even a working individual. As these have a formal touch to them, these look elegant with the work outfits as well, and you can wear them during the office hours to add a quirk to the office dress. Go for a pendant that has a mystic and vintage feel to add sophistication to the necklace.

3. Engraved plated medallion

If you happen to be someone who wants to get a memory or name engraved in your jewelry pieces, then go for this medallion piece. You can choose various designs in the medallion and put it around in a short to medium length chain to make it work with your outfit. These designs look the best in silver or gold plated designs.

4. Uncut and raw mineral necklaces

These necklaces look great if you want something colorful and eccentric. You can wear them in a medium length chain on dresses or on knitted outfits during the winters as they are bold in appearance and would look great with the dull winter colors.

5. Fine design necklaces

Fine design necklaces are extremely elegant, lightweight and are perfect for those who are not a big fan of jewelry. You can add charms to the chain and wear the piece on an everyday basis. Purchase these necklaces in silver, gold, or rose gold materials and wear them on V-neck dresses to add the much-needed quirk. These are a great alternative to the choker pieces and are usually worn in short-length chains.

6. Layered neckpieces

Layering the delicate neckpieces is fast becoming a trend these days as you can experiment with this style with almost all kinds of materials including pearls, vintage and modern pieces, and mix and match elements. This look can be donned with almost every kind of outfit and works well with the winter ones as well. You can even do a D-I-Y necklace by combining two or three pieces from your jewelry box which have a similar size chain in different length and make your own layered version.

7. Opera necklace

If you are headed out for a cocktail party, then choose this necklace for the event. It is usually available in the length 26 to 36 inches and can also be worn as a single strand with a two-strand choker. If you wish to create a vintage look with the outfit for the party, you can knot the necklace up at the neckline. And for a casual day, you can wear it lose around the neck.

8. Bib necklace

This necklace is highly in trend these days and is worn as an alternative for winter scarves. You can wear this piece with a simple white shirt and denim and you would look out of the world. Or if you are wearing something traditional, you can team the outfit with this piece. It has a bold appearance, but you can work it well if you know how to wear it with the right outfit.

9. Choker

Choker designs were in fashion something back during the 70s and 80s, but they are back and have been used by several known designers in a unique way with pendants and charms around them. These look great with the western outfits and can be availed in beaded or fabric texture as well. These are great for a casual day outfit and would just as well work well with an evening dress.