The power of jewelry is such that it can transform how one is looking. Just like any other aspects of life, jewelry also follow the same rule, “Quality over Quantity”! And, that is even more applicable when you are a college, going students. It looks way too loud when you are wearing a lot of accessories to college, but that one piece of perfect jewelry can complement your entire persona so well. Also, because you are in college, it feels nice to have something extra along with the usual and casual attire. Let us see some of the jewelry which should be owned by every college girl.

1) Layered Neckpiece

If you are the one who loves to keep it casual to colleges, then you should own a layered necklace. It just adds so much glamour to the outfit. The layered necklace gives out cool and stylish vibes, no matter how casual and straightforward your outfit is. One of the best ways to look good and cool without giving much effort is pairing your white t-shirt and blue jeans with a gold layered necklace.

2) Rings

A bit of femininity along with your cool side doesn’t hurt. It looks very different an attractive as well. Even if you don’t like a lot of accessories, the best you can do to make yourself look appealing merely is by adding some rings. The better it seems when your nails are correctly done! You can go for a golden or even silver ring which has a simple and classy design. It is going to look good with almost any outfit you are wearing. The Ora Nicole designer gold rings are so amazing that they are worth the buy.

3) Dainty chains

If you are someone who is not very fond of accessories and you feel that the layered necklace is going to look a lot extra and heavy for your outfit, you can replace with a dainty chain. It adds a little sparkle to your outfit which is going to be noticed by everyone for sure. The delicate necklaces are very thin, and you should look for a lovely pendant which is going to make it look even more stylish.

4) Diamond Studs

If you are not someone who is fond of gold and silver, you can always go for a diamond. You don’ have to buy something big, but even a pretty and small diamond stud is going to look attractive. It adds so much more to your entire look, and there is no one who doesn’t notice a diamond.

5) Statement necklace

When you’re in college, it is apparent that you will have to go for events and different interviews as well. It is essential to look kind and smart during these times. To make your body language better and keep it formal as well, you can add a statement necklace. It looks so good, and there is no way how one won’t appreciate it.

6) Dangly Earring

It is always great to have accessories which are versatile. One such piece is the Dangly Earring. It can be worn to some wedding, evening parties and even to your college. They are so cute that it can look good anytime and with any outfit almost. You can pair them up with some formal dress as well.

7) Cocktail Ring

Why have a simple ring and settle down for it when you can pair your cocktail ring while going to college. You should wear them when you have some events, and even without having them, you can wear it to class because it looks impressive and attractive.

8) Pearls

Pearls look so good on anyone out there. If you have some big event, you can always wear a gem set wherein you wear both the necklace and earrings. Otherwise, with the usual college attire, you can still wear the earrings because they look so simple yet elegant.

9) Bracelet

How would it feel when a formal meeting is going on, and you are not pretty well dressed up? One of the great accessories that go well with both formal and informal dress code is a bracelet. It is such a versatile piece because if you are wearing it with a dark colored t-shirt and skinny jeans, it is going to look all cool. But, when you wear a classy dress, it looks good on that too.

10) Watches

How can one ever imagine going to college without wearing watches? They are one of the essential accessories that you should own. It is also great if you have a one with a metal (gold or silver) strap because it adds a little more glamour to it. One should try out the watches by Orient as they have a fantastic collection.

These are some of the accessories which should be owned by the student who goes to college. Make sure that you wear this jewelry properly and focus on your confidence as well because the better you carry it, the better it looks.