Amazon has delved into the emerging market for electronic tablets with its own android OS powered reader that is a definitive cut above the rest. With the Kindle Fire being offered at an attractive $199 price point no wonder the tablet has taken considerable strides into the market as it underprices the current leader at a considerably lesser $300 price tag. What’s more, with the Kindle automatically hooked to Amazon, readers would have the time of their lives in choosing from the thousands of e-books in the Amazon universe.

Now the question remains, with the current trend and the strengthening of the Android operating system platforms, is there a need for an antivirus program or application to be installed into your Kindle Fire?

The debate is actually continuing and raging because with the emerging android operating system platform, the threat for viruses seems to be a plausible reality. And with the alarming findings that those included in the list of the most popular antivirus software as of this writing are virtually useless and not worth your time and effort to install (since they are either in beta testing or are trial programs), the question for what the best antivirus for Kindle Fire and other similar programs still remain.

We at dwelled into the matter to find out what really should be installed into your Kindle Fires to ensure that your devices and your files would be protected thoroughly from viruses lurking in the cyberworld. Here are some of the best picks that we absolutely recommend:

Avast. One of the leading names in the antivirus category, Avast simply is one of the best picks around. Running on a variety of platforms (from your desktop personal computers to your laptops and your various handheld devices) you can be sure that it would provide you with a variety of protective methods for your needs.

Avast is not only an antivirus program, it is a virtual all-in-one security system for your gadget as well. Once you have it installed into your gadget, you can use it to protect your data and your phone should it ever get stolen or lost. Any unauthorized, non-registered SIMs wouldn’t do because it would require a PIN to open up your gadget and you would also get notified on another phone about it happening. Best of all, you can wipe out your data and track your phone or gadget on the map among other things.

AVG. Another popular choice among android platform users, AVG is highly comparable to Avast because it also offers a line that parallels that of the previously mentioned anti-virus software. It also has antitheft, high security features that gives you an edge wherever and whatever platform you may be using. You also have the option to choose between the trial and the paid versions. With the trial version, you would get a 14-day trial that approximates the paid version in performance which gives you an idea as to how important the program can be for you.

BitDefender. For those of you who want to install a free application from the Play Store and not regret it, then you have just found the right app in the BitDefender. Downloadable and highly usable, you can be sure that BitDefender would also protect you with is Mobile Security and Antivirus components. Upon installation, it would ask the user to perform a full system scan and then connect to the BitDefender website for continuing updates. The user would just have to register with the BitDefender website to keep enjoying the service.

These applications should be at the top of the list of the most popular antivirus software in the market today. We at the will try to update these recommendations from time to time for you to get the best deals and applications possible.