Remember those light up shoes from the 90’s. While kids loved them they were clunky and noisy and tended to weigh down your child’s feet. Still light up shoes were fun until the lights went permanently out and you or your child were stuck with just some heavy shoes.

Well light ups are back and like with all advances in technology these shoes are definitely a step up from those light up shoes of the seventies.

Improvements in the Overall Shoe

For starters today’s light up shoes are more flexible and breathable making them far less heavy than those light up shoes of nineties. This means that today’s light ups won’t weigh on your feet making them more comfortable.

In addition those shoes of yesteryear came in limited sizes, but today’s light ups comes in all sizes and makes and you can purchase these shoes in medium and wide widths making them perfect for children, men and women.

Today’s Light Up Shoes are Stylish

Today’s modern take on light up shoes come in a various styles and patterns making them more trendy than ever before. Light up shoes are a great way to express your personality and to add little bit of fun to your life. These modern light ups have LED lights running completely around the sole and can even be seen when walking or running outlining the sole.

These newer shoes lights up with each step and changes colors as you walk or run in them. And the lights are even brighter than before.


Best of all you never need to worry about the lights in these shoes dying out since they are rechargeable and the lights work for a full 6 hours on a single charge. Once the lights grow or go dim all you need to do is recharge your shoe and you are good to go.

Benefits of Today’s Light Up Shoes

There are a couple of real benefits to today’s light up shoes. One benefit for children is that many children tend to walk on their toes rather than putting adequate weight on their heels. Light ups makes your child want to see their shoes light up all the way around, which trains them to walk putting their foot down correctly and perhaps saving them from future foot problems.

These shoes are also great for people who like to walk or run at night since the lights from the shoes combined with light clothing will help cars to see you better.

Light up shoes also will show off your dance moves and attract attention when enjoying an evening out in a club.

Combine Those Light Ups with Light Up Laces

If you are really looking to make a statement then why not combine those new light up shoes with light up laces. Light up laces combined with light up shoes will add an extra glow that is sure to capture the attention to everyone who sees you all decked out with light ups.

If you are looking to add a little light and fun to your life, then today’s light up shoes should fit the bill!