Leadership and management look similar but there are many things that make them different. Many situations come in life when we are able to keep them separate, and sometimes we have to act as both manager and leader. Let’s understand the differences in details.


  • Leadership Vs management are two distinct concepts and action, they have many differences that makes their role unique. But, in many organizations, you can find a person who performs both the positions, a leader and a manager. The basic difference depends on how you differentiate the task as a leader and as a manager and also find a better way to integrate them at the same time. A leader sets up a vision and provides a goal while on the other hand, management must have qualities to execute this vision of the goal. If a single person is handling both the positions, then he/she must have the capabilities to balance the two.
  • A person who leads the team with no management, he/she can provide direction without any kind of concept to find out the exact path to get the appropriate result. But, if a person manages the things without any kind of leadership, at a certain point he/she will think why they’re doing and what they’re doing. In some organizations, you can find the four levels of management. The senior people or executive level management lead the team with appropriate direction while middle or manager level people execute the plan to get the success.
  • The idea of change is the biggest difference between leadership and management. If you are a leader, you must have to plan out something that can create a change. This is the whole idea of setting a direction or new goals. In most of the big companies, change is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable as well. So as a leader, you have to set the change as positive, explain to people why the change is being made, and also give a proper understanding to the managers so they can manage the change accordingly.
  • Another big difference between a leader and a manager is a way of thinking. A leader always thinks beyond the limits and keep a “bird’s eye view” for the organization and its current as well as future situations. A leader generally looks at the big picture that includes the functioning of an organization, connections between processes and their linked areas, and how to keep the things efficient as well as affordable. While a manager thinks about his or her working area only. He/she only work as per the leader’s plan and set up the things according to the plans.

So before entering into the field of management or leadership, understand their differences. They both are working in the same directions but with different kinds of views. As a leader, you can’t think about particular one section, you have to set up the things that can help the organization to achieve their goals. A change is mandatory in every company to keep its business on top compared to the competitors. But, at the same time, the change should be effective. As a leader, if you are thinking of any kind of change in your organizations, you have to explain its pros and cons to the managers. So they can understand the requirement of the change and can take the required steps. To achieve the organizational goals, a proper understanding between leaders and managers is mandatory.