Most of us spend over 1/3rd of our lives on our bed or mattresses sleeping. Well, it is obvious that the mattress we choose will have a direct impact on our quality of sleep isn’t it? So, it is very important to own the best and most comfortable mattress to ensure a good and healthy night sleep.

It becomes vital to know important contents of the mattress well, while buying a new one. There are many types of foam mattresses available these days that may confuse you. Among many, memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex foam are most common types of the foam that is used in the

While for some people memory foam can be a good option, the others may prefer poly or synthetic foam. Before you make a final choice, it is important to understand similarities and differences between these products and end up choosing the right one for you.

Memory foam vs. Polyurethane foam

Well, both the poly and memory foam starts with polyurethane that is a product of petroleum industry. It is actually the added chemicals and manufacturing process that gives them particular properties and differentiates them. Memory foam normally makes you feel warm faster than the poly foam which can be a benefit for the cold sleepers.

Both of these products are normally infused with the flame retardants and both of the products may off-gas for period after the purchase just like the shower curtains or decorator pillows can have some particular odor for some while. However, the length of time that it takes for such odors to subside will depend on product.

When it comes to density and compression, the chemicals that are added to foam during manufacturing makes it much denser as compared to most of the poly foam mattresses. Density is one of the important measures of the foam comfort for sleeper. The overall density of the product increases weight of the product and makes the memory foam more expensive than poly foam.

The low compression factor and density of the memory foam helps it to create mirror image of your body and allows it to supper all points of that impression. Memory foam can conform very well to your body. Poly foam mattresses are available in wide range of compression factors and densities making your choice easier when shopping. A sleeper may want very dense and high compression factor foam or dense foam having low compression factor. On, you can find the right foam mattress that can give you the right comfort you always wanted. They are one of the best sellers in the world of foam mattresses.

Latex foam

Latex foam is produced by vulcanizing the liquid latex to solid foam. Latex foam can even be produced with the natural latex that is harvested from the rubber trees or from synthetic latex produced from the petrochemicals.

Latex foam offers exact pinpointed support that reacts to your each and every move instantly. It maintains continuous supper and doesn’t get softer when being warmer. It makes it very easy to move throughout the night without experiencing any interruption.

This contoured or pinpointed support enables your certain areas of body to sink into the mattress while others are supported. It can be really desirable especially for the side sleepers since they need more support in their midsection. Thus, latex foams is indeed one of the most long lasting and durable kinds of foam that is available.

Selection of a mattress greatly depends on individual needs and preferences. However, with the right information as stated above, you can select the best mattress for you.

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