Educational institutions like colleges, schools, and universities face a lot of problems while managing large quantities of emails for students & the staff. Moreover, increase in the existing legal compliances have led several educational institutions out there to think about implementing a valid email archiving solution in order to comply with the data protection laws of the modern times.

Educational institutions in the recent times are not immune to lapses in the legal policies related to data storage and protection. Closer inspections have revealed that vulnerabilities within the system occur due to lack in proper processing and absence of internal controls in the educational centers. However, limited state budgets imply that the educational institutes are not equipped properly with the necessary latest tools & technologies towards securely storing and quickly producing electronic records. With the limited availability of staff & resources, the educational institutes out there need to employ a valid file or email archiving solution that offers high performance in addition to requiring little maintenance & monitoring.

In addition to this, schools, colleges, and universities also face the similar pressures that tend to exist in business organizations due to the compliance regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, and various others. In the current times, running an educational institution is like running a business organization. Educational institutes keep struggling with finding the most cost-effective & viable method of archiving the emails as well as files and stay compliant to the available government regulations at the same time.

Cost compliance is the key. As such, you can trust upon DuoCircle’s email archive solutions–a valid, cloud-based email archiving solution that turns out to be not only cost-effective, but also highly secure for the colleges & universities. A cloud-based email archiving solution will help in reducing the overall burden on your educational organization with respect to the existing budget & resources, without affecting the reliability, performance, and service offerings of the email archiving solutions.

Why You Need Email Archiving?

At DuoCircle, you can come across a highly stable and secure email archiving service that is fully managed by the team of web experts and is designed towards meeting & exceeding your organization’s specific email archiving requirements in the given educational setting. Some of the major reasons for employing a cloud-based email archiving service provider like DuoCircle is to enable enhanced services to the students and the available staff in your organization.

  • All schools & colleges are required to comply with the government regulations with respect to retention, accessibility, and secure storage of all the emails & respective email communications.
  • Educational institutes like schools & colleges need to comply with the existing regulations towards managing proper employment records. These records are required to be kept private & secure. Therefore, emails containing such vital records & sensitive information must be stores & secured properly.
  • Cyber intimidation & bullying turn out to be major issues that need to be addressed. As such, archiving emails for monitoring such incidents can help significantly in such scenarios.

DuoCircle’s Email Archiving Solutions for Colleges

With the help of the exclusive email archiving solutions offered by DuoCircle for schools & colleges include storing & accessing the emails securely through the cloud-based services. This provides the ease of ensuring simpler, flexible searching & recovering whenever & wherever needed.

Key Features of DuoCircle’s Email Archiving:

  • Compliance Facilitation: The email archiving solutions for schools & colleges offered by DuoCircle are able to facilitate the existing compliance. Through this, it brings about the fulfillment of specific requirements like HIPAA, NYSE, FINRA, SOX, GLB, NASD, SEC, and various other types of compliance regulations.
  • Supporting Office 365 Integration: By utilizing the specialized DuoCircle’s email archiving solutions, the educational institutes are able to include email archiving to the highly advanced Office 365 easily. Through this, they are able to take the advantage of advanced discovery capabilities and information preservation effectively.
  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property: Through the cloud-based email archiving services, the organizations are able to automatically protect every email that has been sent & received in the cloud. This ensures the 100% accurate & protective repository for confidential emails & information.
  • Archiving Capabilities: The educational institutes are able to protect every inbound as well as outbound email along with important file attachments in the most dynamic & secure, scalable email archive with DuoCircle.
  • Search Capabilities: Through the professional email archiving solutions by DuoCircle, the institutes are able to search & access exactly what they are looking for in a matter of few seconds with the help of the advanced search tools.
  • Ability to Perform Actions: Through the high-end email archiving services by DuoCircle, the organizations can filter, tag, and even export relevant data or content towards meeting corporate, legal, and compliance government requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery Capabilities: Cloud-based email archiving solutions help in improving the retention of old emails in case something wrong happens. With the cloud-based solutions offered by DuoCircle, you can have access to advanced email archiving and monitoring through auto replication tools for enhanced results.
  • Easy Integration: Cloud email archiving services by DuoCircle work with any email filtering software available on the market. This offers the ease of integration for effective email archiving in schools & colleges.

Benefits of DuoCircle’s Advanced Email Archiving Solutions

When you avail the exclusive email archiving solutions offered by DuoCircle for colleges & educational institutes, here are some of the potential benefits that you can expect out of the same:

  • Peace of Mind: With features like immutable WORM-compliant email storage & accessing, authenticated user access, role-based permissions, and effective audit trails; you can be at peace of mind with respect to managing & maintaining the bulk emails in your organization.
  • Rapid Deployment: With no additional infrastructure required and absence of any lengthy
    service engagements, the email archiving services offered by DuoCircle ensure no system downtime and hands-free installation services for the ease of managing your company’s emails.
  • Freedom from Limitations: DuoCircle offers no search limitations along with no search timeouts and allows unlimited concurrent searches for enabling you get maximum benefits of the email archiving solutions.

Public cloud providers like DuoCircle have fostered the particular service-based approach towards delivering top-notch security, storage, and software solutions. The storage as a service (SaaS) model allows an enterprise to consume the available resources as required on the basis of the available demand. In a similar manner, a typical cloud-based email archiving solution by DuoCircle might be the ultimate solution for small-scale businesses including educational institutes that would like to avoid the additional expenses of hiring dedicated email servers & related infrastructure.

By utilizing the cloud-based email archiving platform for effective email retention & management, the business enterprises require no additional installation of software or hardware units. Cloud-hosted email archives come with robust searching capabilities along with massive scalability options. Through this service, the users are able to specify email archiving policies that tend to align with the unique business needs.

DuoCircle serves to be an amazing option for the educational institutes that are struggling to come up with a valid solution that is scalable, collaborative, comprehensive, easy to use, and most importantly cost-effective. Including DuoCircle’s products & solutions as part of your educational institute, can help in ensuring not only that there are no email archiving and compliance gaps, but will also offer 24/7 assistance to regulators that schools, colleges, and universities might be concerned about compliance and actively engaging in managing emails.

Ensure the ease of searching & accessing emails from your education center’s email database along with its top-notch security from malware attacks through DuoCircle’s email archive solutions for schools & colleges.