Competition spans the academic world and sometimes, quality institutions are not enough if you wish to excel at something. We all go to schools – in fact, some of us have been admitted into the finest institutions in the country – but is that really how we aim to excel? Absolutely not!

There has been a paradigm shift from an institution-based learning toward learning that takes place in private tuitions, either home-based or away from home. There used to be times when tuition was a concept known and considered only if the school/college-based learning was not a feasible option. The hybrid learning concept coined much later and has now become prevalent, especially for courses such as economics. Is tuition really helpful? Let’s explore a few reasons that advocate this concept.

Better Communication

This has been a major factor that justifies private tuition’s. In a classroom setting, many students do not feel at ease asking the teacher or professor for help regarding certain queries. This can be because of several reasons:

  • The teacher is strict.
  • The child fears disapproval.
  • The child lacks sufficient confidence.
  • The teacher is not pleased with continuous questions in an ongoing lecture.

Whatever the reason, a two-way communication policy is not very welcoming for students. For a subject like economics, you could end up having a couple of question on a single EOS chart alone. Private economics tuition keeps the open-door communication policy firmly and securely in place, ensuring that the student does not shy away from asking questions. This fosters improved communication.

Better Resources

Very often, private tutors are also able to provide much more useful resources to help students revise efficiently and ace their examinations. One such example is by Mr Kelvin Hong, Singapore’s leading economics tutor. You can check out his A Level Economic Resources here.

Personalized Tutoring

Following the previous point, a private tuition means a personalized one-on-one session between the student and teacher, contrary to the one-to-many ratio found in a classroom setting. A private tutor can offer undivided, focused attention to a single student or to a few students in a group study session, catering to each one’s personal learning needs individually.

Not only does this enhance communication, but a strong student-mentor relationship is also established. With this personalized form of tutoring, you can learn more effectively while fostering a conducive learning environment for all. As soon as the student becomes comfortable with the mentor, greater learning outcomes can be attained.

Parental Involvement

With private tuitions, you are more likely to have your parents on board with you throughout the learning phase. If you have opted for JC economics tuition in Singapore, your parents become part of the academic monitoring process. Your private tutor ensures that a performance appraisal is sent to the parents on a monthly basis and timely feedback is requested from all parents on this performance.

A few students require parental involvement in their academics to feel motivated enough to perform well, so any and all personal involvement needs will be communicated to parents when need be, making this learning process all the more transparent.