The pleasure of tasting turns mysterious when you are travelling. Travel makes foodies explore undervalued food cities, which many of them overlook. You will find a meal, even in some shockingly undervalued food cities, which possibly can change the way of tasting from here on.

Palermo [Italy]

Palermo has a history of 2,500 years associated with super powers like the Greeks, Romans, Normans, Byzantines, and Arabs. Each has left their mark on the Palermo’s street, where the Moorish mosaics stand alongside the baroque palaces.

At Mediterranean crossroads, you will find this traditional melting point displaying seriously good cooking. It is called kitchen of poor or cucina povera. No artisanal superfood or polished pop-up trucks but street food in Palermo is served dirty and quick around towns like Capo, Ballaro, and Vucciria.

Start with a slice of soft sfincione pizza, pane e panelle, cazzilli, stigghiola and end with cannoli.

Croatia [Italy]

Istria is a bilingual [Croatian + Italian] region, which borders Slovenia and Italy. Visit this place for strong local food, which uses fresh seafood, mushrooms, olive oil, prosciutto and truffles. Even get washed down with regions excellent spirits and wines.


These Caribbean nations serves jerk chicken, rum, beer and tropical fruits but you need to explore food scene that often features ingredients, which are hard to find elsewhere. Try Jamaica’s national fruit ‘Ackee’ fried with codfish for breakfast. Sample stewed oxtail or goat with Jamaican leafy green steamed callaloo. Choose the local glass of sorrel, sweet ginger-flavored hibiscus tea.

Mumbai [India]

Mumbai is popular for its frenetic pace, overexcited streets, and pulsing energy. Taste the street food like vada pav, chaat, bhelpuri, pani puri, pav bhaji and more. These are some savoury, which can be eaten on the go. You can eat-part drink-part dessert falooda or the chowpatti kulfi to reduce the fire raging in your belly tasting sour-spicy snacks.


Travel to America during the food festival season like Happy Harry’s Ribfest, which has been feeding tourists since 1996. Boston Seafood festival and Seattle seafood festival is the time when local chefs surpass their skills. Some respected restaurants lay their most exquisite delicacies at EAT Drink SF in San Francisco. Get an ESTA visa and tantalise your tastebuds at Culinaria festival week. Here top chefs from America get together and serve special dinners with wineries from the Texas vineyard.

Guadalajara [Mexico]

Guadalajara is 2nd largest Mexican city and is located in Western plateau. Here you can find the American-Mexican classics version like carne asada, pozole, birria, and enchiladas. However, the local culinary creation is torta ahogada, fried poke sandwich drowned in zesty tomato-chilli sauce.


Germany has reputation for heavy food like strudels, sausages, pretzels, noodles, potatoes, breads, cakes, and beer. However, you can plan bike rides and hikes to burn the calories. You can try vegan and vegetarian instead of stodgy food. Visit during asparagus season because menus display specialities prepared from this adored vegetable in its white and green forms.

Many countries have witnessed food renaissance lately. Local produce blend, classic national dishes along with skilled chefs has changed the food scene all around the world, even in undervalued food cities.