Almost all employers require special education (and often higher education), in their job advertisements even if it is not related to the work in the specialty. The lack of a cherished line in the resume leads to the discouragement of many candidates. So, how to be a candidate without higher education? Is it possible to get the highest paying jobs without a degree?

Here is a selection of interesting and promising jobs that don’t require a college degree. For some of them, you need to have a certain knowledge base. In the case of others, it will take more than one month to acquire practical skills. But for those who are not afraid of difficulties, some of the options can open a new future.

1. Data scientist

Every day the amount of data that a person receives is increasing. Data science is the science of how to analyze data and obtain useful information. It is directly related to machine learning, Big Data and the science of thinking.

Mankind has already managed to accumulate huge amounts of information in various fields, starting with the behavior of users in the network and ending with climate change. This is where you need a DataScience specialist. The profession requires technical skills, ability to analyze and concentration.

2. Writer

If the glory of JK Rowling does not give you peace of mind, and detectives of Darya Dontsova inspire you to “sit down”, you can try to become a writer. Of course, without literary talent, and natural literacy you won’t be able to do this. But it’s never too late to learn English and its rules and start practicing. You can easily develop your writing talent gradually.

You can also work in some professional custom research paper service as a writer. It is usually well-paid and in such a way, you help a lot of students all over the world.

3. Photographer

Sadly, today everyone who is the happy owner of an expensive SLR camera imagines oneself a photographer. In fact, the art of the photographer is not at all in the pile of lenses, not in the high cost of the camera and the presence of own studio, but in the ability to capture the moment, even on a smartphone.

The university does not teach this. The professionalism of the photographer is hundreds of thousands of shots taken in finding their own approach and technology, dozens of seminars and courses. There are a lot of textbooks, video tutorials, and courses but they will tell you only about the standard techniques of photography and the basics of work.

4. 3D Designer

3D printing is used in various fields, from medicine to construction. Such a designer develops and creates layouts for the construction of houses. In their work, the designers apply the following methods: visualization, 3D design, modeling, rendering, and others.

Understanding the intricacies of work without practical experience is almost impossible but you can learn the basics using online courses.

5. Programmer

The programming and digital technologies that are changing the world today do not require higher education at all. Of course, a diploma from a digital technology department of any polytechnic university will be an advantage for you, but it will not always be necessary. Programming is something that, if you have a technical mindset, you can really master yourself. A striking example is Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

In the age of computer technology, IT professions are the most sought-after and highly paid jobs that don’t require a degree in the market. With the basic knowledge of one or several programming languages, several beautiful sites in a portfolio, good memory, ability to analyze and know English, you can assume that you are already a programmer.

Higher education today has become a routine requirement. Often the employer does not ask what kind of university you graduated from, what knowledge you gained, but a “crust” about higher education is anyway required. It is considered that it is impossible to get a promising job without education in the specialty.

But along with the development of technology, the number of professions is increasing. Modern higher education simply does not have time to change the labor market. For example, there is hardly a university that trains specialists in the blockchain industry or at least just added a similar special course to the program. Therefore, you have to master the skills yourself using online courses and get a high-paying job.

Bryan Davis has always been dreaming about choosing some modern profession in the digital world. However, he couldn’t find a college with the necessary program and course in it. So, the right decision was made and he started online designing courses. After 6 months of studying and creating a perfect resume with the help of professional writing service, it didn’t take long for him to get his dream job in IT.