PPA or Provisional Patent Application is a process to secure filing date. In addition, it is mandatory to avoid filing and prosecution costs associated with non-provisional patent application. More explicitly, if you file a non-provisional application within a year of PPA’s filing, then the non-provisional application can claim the benefits from the PPA’s filing date.

As PPA is not scrutinized, the applicant gets time to decide whether the created invention is viable commercially or not. In addition, the cost associated with the prosecution of non-provisional patent application like specific attorney fee’s gets eliminated.

PPA is not disclosed to public, if applicant fails to file non-provisional application on the basis of his/her PPA. The application number of his or her invention patent needs to be published for public disclosure. In this post, let’s understand the benefits and pitfalls of PPA filing. Also, get an idea about how to write the invention’s draft.

Worthy benefits of PPA filing

PPA offers the crucial one-year extension to file a non-provisional patent application. The applicant gets an extra year to test and perfect his/her invention. Moreover, take care of financial supports, licensing requirements, determine sales potential, etc. As PPA’s are not scrutinized, applicant gets an opportunity to avoid expenses associated with filing non-provisional patent application.

Possible pitfalls of PPA filing

Within a year, you need to file non-provisional application to take privilege of PPA filing date. There is no extension allowed. Legally, you can either file non-provisional patent application in a year or lose your benefits from filing date. This period is same in all the countries.

If PPA fails to describe adequately all that is appealed for in non-provisional application filed later, then added material in non-provisional application will not depend on PPA filing date. It can affect the patentability. Make sure that you hire the best and registered patent practitioner. Elaborate details of your concept will assure validity, and will be useful to legally support the non-provisional patent application later.

You can also get to learn a lot information on patents and PPA filing by visiting the website of Abstract Tube. It is a trusted digital library, where you can share and upload data and videos related to patents, journal papers, conference papers etc. That will help you in getting more people to know about your invention, and also earn more citations. It is also a great way to get exposures for your new inventions, so that your product can eventually make it to the market.

Invention drafting needs to be adequate

Proper format needs to be followed in writing invention description in a PPA. It starts with general informational background and followed by more detailed sections regarding the invention.

As new substantive information cannot be added in the existing filed PPA, one can file an array of PPAs, each one referring to the previously filed application. Each successive PPA will include new material. Make sure not to omit relevant facts or include misleading information.

Technically, drawings are not part of description, but it generally includes reference numerals, flow charts, photos or chemical formulas. Non-provisional patent applications don’t allow photographs, but in PPA [as it stands in for non-provisional patent drawings] photographs are acceptable. Remember, when PPA is converted into non-provisional patent application, formal drawing submission is mandatory.

Apply the following order to write description

  • Title
  • Technical sector
  • Background info & prior art
  • Describe how your creation handles technical issues
  • Illustrated drawing figure numbers with brief explanation
  • Detailed invention description
  • Give an example of inventions intended use

Make sure to review and edit the drafted PPA. Check for quality like terminology consistency, typos, grammar, and numerals. You can perform the abovementioned, so that your patent attorney gets a good start in preparing strong PPA, the one that will certainly support your non-provisional patent application without any concerns about serious security level.