If you wish to explore world-class wine & taste from a wide selection of wines from different regions & exotic tastes, joining an exclusive wine club is literally the most convenient way to assure the same. The wine club business has turned out to be more competitive than ever as there remains a myriad of choices when it comes to offering different, unique experiences to the wine-lovers from across the globe.

As wine consumption around the world is escalating to another level, its purchases are on the rise. In an effort towards assisting customers to get access to the best-in-class wines out there, the wine clubs around the world are offering a comprehensive range of exclusive wine club experiences to its customers. In this article, we have created a complete wine club selection guide towards helping you decide on some of the best wine clubs for the graduates out there. Take a look at some of these:

  • Gold Medal Wine Club: This exclusive wine club has been in operation for around 23 years until now. As per the CEO & co-founder of this divine wine club, David Chesterfield, the main focus at this club in on offering consistent, high-quality wines at exceptional rates with an emphasis on family-owned, small-production, or even individually-owned wineries–the wines of which cannot be found easily in the retail shops or the marketplace. David Chesterfield along with his team of wine experts taste the exotic wines that are a consideration for inclusion.
    The club is known for offering six different assortments of wine membership options. The most favorite wine selection membership offered at this high-end wine club is the International Series -starting at $75 along with an additional fee of $24.95 including a wide selection of gourmet food selections from across the featured region. The International Series by Gold Medal wine club offers a detailed write-up of the given region, winemakers, and wineries along with a proper list of some interesting wine facts. Chesterfield claims that the Gold Series wine membership offered at the wine club is the most popular with respect to the number of members. It also turns out to be the most famous membership series as a popular gifting option. The Diamond Series membership is the high-end program with wines rated in the membership at the minimum of over 93 points.
  • International Wine of the Month Club: Set up in 1994, the given wine club takes pride in emphasizing on the wine as a high-end global product as noted by the club’s president & founder named Kris Calef. The President further notes that at the International Wine of the Month Club, the focus is given on offering wine without any borders and enjoying the opportunity of building interest amongst the respective wine club members for the given wine region & grape varietals that they might not have tasted previously.
    The International Wine of the Month Club is arguably considered to be one of the most layered clubs following an intensive vetting method for the wines –generally referred to as the exclusive “two-tiered panel system”. The first pass of the wine tasting is executed by the respective wine experts in the company. The second pass of wine tasting is carried out by around 30 to 40 people that might range from wine experts to general drinkers. The President of the club emphasizes that the first-time wine club members should start with the exclusive Original Prime Series membership of the wine club as it aims at focusing on the wines that are guaranteed to be delivering the highest quality assurance and endless enjoyment with modest price range.
  • Winestyr: Officially launched in the year 2011, Winestyr is yet another high-end wine club that you can consider taking the membership of. Here, most of the work has been focused on sourcing some of the exclusive, hard-to-find wines from across the regions of the world. The primary focus of this wine club is sourcing immensely small-production wine offerings that are never likely to appear on the shelves of the retail stores. Some of the topmost, rare finds of the Winestyr wine club include the Cabernet Sauvignon from Matthiasson Napa Valley in 2013, Gros Ventre from Campbell Ranch Vineyard in 2013, Paix Sur in 2014.
    Offering some of the finest membership offers, the Winestyr wine club is your go-to destination if you are looking for some everlasting wine experience. As such, as a graduate, you can consider taking up the beneficial wine club membership of this high-end club.

Look out for some of the best wine clubs that are available out there. By availing the unmatched membership programs offered by these wine clubs, you can enhance the wine-tasting experience like never before. Have a great time!