What is BESC Certificate?

The word BESC stands for Bordereau Electroniquede Suivi des Cargaisons which is a legal requirement by the lawmakers of Cameroon from each cargo that is transported in the country. BESC further enables the Cameroon authorities to control, identify and track the traffic of all imported goods.

Depending on the ministerial decree been issued in 2006, all the freights that are heading towards Cameroon need to have BESC certification. These certificates are issued by seven agencies worldwide. Middle East Area and Turkey are the scope of authorities of SCK Agency. This is in accordance with the Republic of Cameroon Act. All goods heading towards Cameroon ports need to apply for electronic goods tracking note.

The original BL cannot be issued without validated BESC certification. Additionally, it also results in a penalty, deduction, etc. near the destination port. In accordance with the Cameroon Port Authority, Cameroon loading certificate needs to be issued within five days prior to the ship arriving at the destination port. The original certificate cannot be amended once it has been issued. Moreover, late processing tends to result in fines.

How to make use of Cameroon BESC?

The original certificate will be sent in PDF format to the applicant who will forward the certificate to the shipping company and the consignee at the destination port for clearance of customs.

What is the procedure of attaining Cameroon BESC?

  1. Providing application form, commercial invoice, freight invoice and bill of lading
  2. After getting the receipt of the above-mentioned documents, the payment notice, the official one needs to be issued. Further, the ECTN number is issued when receiving the bank slip and also confirming the payment.
  3. After having received the CTN number, it is time for the applicant to then provide the number to the shipping company for issuing the bill of lading.
  4. Providing stamped commercial invoice along with original lading bill.
  5. After submitting the certificate to get it approved, the electronic version is then sent to the applicant. The applicant then prints the certificate out while sending it to the customer, or mailing to the customers for the purpose of customs clearance at the destination port.

What are the documents required for the final validation process?

· A commercial stamped invoice copy

  • Original bill of lading
  • Copy of customs declaration
  • Copy of packing list

What is the price list?

The process of acquiring the waiver is available at additional costs to the exporter/importer. These costs depend on the cargo type, the number of containers along with the number of Bills of Lading that has been raised along with the country of discharge for the process of shipment.

What are the banned goods that are worth to mention?

  • Vegetable oil and ibero oil
  • Mc Ray scotch whiskey

How long does the approval process take?

The draft is created post issuing the certificate which is checked and also submitted to approval. This is usually received in about a day. All of the approvals are however handled in the main office situated in Douala, a process which might take about a week. However, if freight transmits Cameroon, there is no need for you to get a BESC certificate. This is only required for the purpose of importing goods. These are usually used for transiting freights for the process of countries. You can easily click on any country name like the Central African Republic, Chad or the Republic of Congo.

What are the rules and regulations?

The certificate of BESC Cameroon needs to be requested by the exporter. The authorized agent needs to apply for BESC waiver on the freight owner’s behalf in specific cases. Cameron need not accept 45′ size containers and aluminium ones. There is no specific maximum weight mentioned at Douala port. Exporter and importer need to obtain Cameroon BESC waiver five days prior to the vessel arriving at the port.

Failure caused to present a valid BESC certificate or a fabricated number results in paying a fine. In addition to this, Cameroon Shippers Council will further debit all forms of regulation charge from the consignee. It is important to note that you only need to acquire BESC Cameroon certificate when Cameroon is the final destination. When the cargo is in transit through Cameroon, you need to apply for the waiver certificate of the last destination country.

How to apply for Cameroon BESC certificate?

On having all the required documents, you can easily send copies through e-mail for getting the certificate validated. You can also get in touch online on having any questions or concerns related to it.


The BESC Cameroon certification is thus a valuable certification that is required by importing and exporting cargos. It is a legal document that not only successfully identifies, but also controls and tracks all imported goods in Cameroon.