Leaving home and moving into a dorm room for college might have a negative impact on your morale during the first few months. However, it’s a great idea to decorate your room in such a fashion to increase your comfort levels and make it feel like a smaller version of your room at home. While money is certainly tight for college students, some decorating tips and tricks will help you achieve higher comfort levels and lower your distance-related anxieties that usually appear in the case of freshmen college students. Plus, some will even make your performance levels boost during your finals. Below is a list of affordable decoration ideas that will help you improve the looks and feels of your dorm room.

Make Sure That You Include Enough Storage Solutions

The limited amount of space available in dorm rooms might be one of those little annoying things that you observe the first time when you move in. To supply the available space, make sure that you purchase some storage solutions that allow you to pack all your goods safely and neatly. Find suitable storage solutions for your bathroom as well besides the clothing closet that you will most probably purchase yourself. The extra space will save you from plenty of frustration and organizational issues.

Buy the Most Comfortable Mattress that You Can Find

Living away from home will also be influenced by the quality of your sleep and there is no mystery that dorm room mattresses are not the comfiest out here. Ideally, you should replace your mattress with a more comfortable one. If you lack the necessary money for such a big investment, see if you can purchase a mattress pad. This is an inexpensive solution to uncomfortable mattresses and will assure you have a restful good night sleep.

Use Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

Used wisely, mirrors can offer the illusion of space even if your dorm room is rather small. Make sure that you hang mirrors in some key spots of your dorm room and you will make it look bigger and airy. For instance, you can place mirrors on the walls opposing your windows to create this illusion. Plus, your room will seem much brighter in this case.

Bean Bag Chairs

Traditionally, some of the most popular students on campus are those with a giant bean bag in their room. This is a trick that many college students use not only to add some coziness and comfort to their rooms, but also to have some easy and facile ways to socialize with their peers. So, the same and you might end up with a friend or two. Plus, placed by a window, a bean bag chair will most likely become your favorite study spot.

Buy Proper Shades for Your Windows

While enjoying the natural light windows provide is a good way to boost your mood, unwanted light will make your dorm room insufferable. Depending on your needs, invest in appropriate shades for skylight products if your room has a skylight and in shades for your regular windows as well. These will prevent light and heat from entering your room, will allow you to maintain proper amounts of sunlight and heat, and they will prevent glare and eliminate unwanted UV exposure. While many students forget about these small additions, they will definitely make your dorm room feel like home.

Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs are great if you want to have some friends by and watch a movie together. Once again, they will add some extra leisure space while being incredibly easy to store away when not needed. Plus, they will allow you to socialize and don’t feel like your interactions are restricted or bothered by the lack of proper sitting solutions.

Bring Pictures of Your Friends and Family

To get over the fact that you’re away from your friends and family easier, it would be a great idea to bring some photos of them with you and frame those or create a memory board. You could create a similar board by
attaching to a corkscrew board different photo of your loved ones.

Greenery will add a splash of color and life

Greenery is always a welcome addition, regardless if you’re staying at home with your parents or if you are currently trying to adjust to living in a dorm room. Plants will make your room seem livelier and will also bring a splash of color. Certain plants also have air-filtering properties and you can always choose the ones which are less sensitive and not so high maintenance as many plants out there.