Working with KP-LOK pipeline as the field is indeed really risky and dangerous. Without good and proper procedure, it can even endanger the workers from being poisoned and even dead. As you know, pipeline is an area where the oxygen containing is limited. The deeper it is oxygen will be less as well. For the safety, here are some tips to know to avoid the dangers on the pipeline. Check them out.

Be a Trained Worker with License

Any work in this world should be started by training program at first including the pipeline works. Through the training, you will learn anything about the condition on pipeline as well as the way to safeguard yourself
when there are accidental things happened. As the proof that you are trained, there must be a working license.

The Blueprint of Area

Common pipeline is probably not dangerous. However, there are also areas with underground electricity lines, gas and oil pipes, and so on. Sure, those must be very dangerous when leaking. It is important then to ask the blueprint before going in to know the exact situation and prepare the equipments to support the activities inside.

Acknowledging the Characteristics of Area

Underground pipeline must be surrounded by the soil. Well, it is important to acknowledge the characteristics of soil. If it is easily sliding, there must be additional tools and equipments needed.

Gradually Working

The underground pipeline can be reached through excavation. If this is what you must do, make sure to do the excavation gradually on each 0.5 meter of depth. It is basically to avoid any problem related to the media and
facilities used.

Well-prepared Tools and Equipments

Whatever the tools and equipments you used during the working; it should be already tested and prepared well. Besides, you must not underestimate that a certain tool is probably not needed. Yes, whatever it is, it must be
taken in for the safety and smoothness of the work.

Well-prepared Team

Not only is it about the tools and equipments that must be prepared well but also each member of the team. You and your partners must be in good and healthy conditions. Besides, when the use of heavy equipments is needed, it
must be run by someone trained, competent, and having operation license.

Securing the Areas

If it is necessary, a barricade must also be provided to secure the areas. It is to prevent common people to come around the location. Besides, they can help the workers when something terrible happened inside.

The Chief of Team

Make sure that there is one of the workers who have roles as the chief. It is to command the team during the pipeline working activities. Besides, there should also be supervisors to monitor the workers.

Self-Protection Outfit

Each worker must wear certain outfit to protect himself; they are full-body suit, safety shoes, hand gloves, safety glasses, helmet, and more.

Don’t Push Yourself

There are conditions when you and your team must be pulled out since they are too dangerous. If it is what you experience, just do it and don’t push yourself since it can endanger yourself and people around.