How Does Economics Tuition Help?

Competition spans the academic world and sometimes, quality institutions are not enough if you wish to excel at something. We all go to schools – in fact, some of us have been admitted into the finest institutions in the country – but is that really how we aim to excel? Absolutely not!

There has been a paradigm shift from an institution-based learning toward learning that takes place in private tuitions, either home-based or away from home. There used to be times when tuition was a concept known and considered only if the school/college-based learning was not a feasible option. The hybrid learning concept coined much later and has now become prevalent, especially for courses such as economics. Is tuition really helpful? Let’s explore a few reasons that advocate this concept.

Better Communication

This has been a major factor that justifies private tuition’s. In a classroom setting, many students do not feel at ease asking the teacher or professor for help regarding certain queries. This can be because of several reasons:

  • The teacher is strict.
  • The child fears disapproval.
  • The child lacks sufficient confidence.
  • The teacher is not pleased with continuous questions in an ongoing lecture.

Whatever the reason, a two-way communication policy is not very welcoming for students. For a subject like economics, you could end up having a couple of question on a single EOS chart alone. Private economics tuition keeps the open-door communication policy firmly and securely in place, ensuring that the student does not shy away from asking questions. This fosters improved communication.

Better Resources

Very often, private tutors are also able to provide much more useful resources to help students revise efficiently and ace their examinations. One such example is by Mr Kelvin Hong, Singapore’s leading economics tutor. You can check out his A Level Economic Resources here.

Personalized Tutoring

Following the previous point, a private tuition means a personalized one-on-one session between the student and teacher, contrary to the one-to-many ratio found in a classroom setting. A private tutor can offer undivided, focused attention to a single student or to a few students in a group study session, catering to each one’s personal learning needs individually.

Not only does this enhance communication, but a strong student-mentor relationship is also established. With this personalized form of tutoring, you can learn more effectively while fostering a conducive learning environment for all. As soon as the student becomes comfortable with the mentor, greater learning outcomes can be attained.

Parental Involvement

With private tuitions, you are more likely to have your parents on board with you throughout the learning phase. If you have opted for JC economics tuition in Singapore, your parents become part of the academic monitoring process. Your private tutor ensures that a performance appraisal is sent to the parents on a monthly basis and timely feedback is requested from all parents on this performance.

A few students require parental involvement in their academics to feel motivated enough to perform well, so any and all personal involvement needs will be communicated to parents when need be, making this learning process all the more transparent.

Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Garden Sofa

Garden furniture is essential in homes where the owners happen to attend to the guests in the garden area and do not want it to be just all about lush greenery. However, the garden furniture too requires a great deal of care and maintenance in order to last longer. If you are planning to purchase a garden sofa for your home, then check out for some beautiful designs that would surely add to the charm of your area. Here are some tips related to the maintenance garden sofa:

Ensure about Regular cleaning

Be regular in brushing off the dust and debris and for that you can always vacuum the cushions as with this it would become easier to reach the seams and clean the sofa along the which can trap debris inside which can ultimately cause mildew and mold to grow.

Spot cleaning

  1. In case of liquid spills on the sofa, it is advised that you bloat and rather not rub the surface with a clean and dry cloth. On the other hand, if there is an oil spill, you can rather apply an absorbent, such as cornstarch that would remove the excess oil spill instantly.
  2. You can spray up a mild cleaning solution on the sofa and can even make use of a quarter-cup soap mixed in lukewarm water to clean the spots.
  3. Once, you are done applying the soap, you would need to make sure that you rinse the fabric thoroughly so that no soap residue is left. Also, leave the cloth to air dry. Also, make sure that you clean up the entire surface of the fabric so that there are no signs of water rings and stains.

Prevent the cushions from getting torn up

Do not keep shoes over the sofa or allow the pets to harm the cushion cover as then you would need to change them on a regular basis.

  • Remove the dust
    Regularly vaccum the garden sofa so that dust does not accumulates on it and it looks dirty when suddenly a guest might arrive at your home.
  • Use the right detergents
    Always use a clean and dry cloth for curing the spillages as it soaks the liquid quickly. Before using any cleaning chemicals, make sure that you consult your furniture supplier so that the upholstery of the sofa does not gets spoiled. In addition that, just by using the wrong kind of detergent you might even make the stain worse.
  • Give your sofa the much needed invisible protection
    Use stain repelling treatments for the lounger as they form an invisible coat over the sofa and can even be applied to the entire upholstered furniture. You can even ask the furniture retailer to provide you with the right recommendations for the furniture upholstery.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
    If the upholstery is exposed to direct sun and even bright light for quite a long time, it can cause the furniture to fade away within a few months. Minimise their exposure to the sun and keep them in shade when not in use so that they can last longer.
  • Take care of the lounger
    Make sure that you do not allow the kids and pets to jump over the lounger as that might affect its quality over the course of time.
  • Choose an Upholstery that lasts
    Make use of a strong and durable upholstery that would be perfect for your lounge suite. Fabric that comes with a high thread count often tends to last longer thus it is advised that you choose the upholstery accordingly.
  • Choose the right wood finish
    Always make use of the right wooden finishes in the sofa that would go well with the patio set up of your garden. Consult an expert if you are unaware of the finishes that would suit your garden the best.
  • Choose the appropriate colour
    There are certain materials and upholstery colours that work well in all types of garden settings. Go for colourful setup according to the surroundings so that the garden area looks bright. Upholstery in faux leather would also be a better option in the garden area as it can be cleaned easily with the help of a damp cloth.
  • Move it safely
    Do not damage the corners of the sofa if you are moving it around the house as it might get scratches that would be hard to remove. Always lift up the sofa from the base area or you can even wrap it up in a blanket or bubble wrap and then move so that there are no chances of it getting damaged.

How to Organize a Tradeshow Exhibition Booth

One of the best ways to raise the profile of your brand is to have a booth at a business event or trade fair. This can also help the brand to attract new customers and retaining the existing ones. Investing in great booth designs is a sure way of getting high returns on your investment. However, this is just one of the critical success factors for any company that has a representation at the trade fair.

Apart from having the right booth design for the given event, the organization and logistics also play a critical role in the success of all your endeavors. Trade booth builders at ExpoMarketing have a lot of experience to handle all these trade fair issues on your behalf. It makes a lot of economic sense to entrust such a responsibility to professionals as take care on other important matters of the business. Here are some of the things that professionals can help you take good care of while planning for tradeshow exhibitions.

First, you have to determine the right kind of event that you need to display your stand and hence business. Appearing at some events can be quite costly and you have to be sure that you are making the right investment depending on the budget of your company. To achieve this objective, search enough information on national and international events that has the potential of taking the profile of your business to the next level and obtaining tangible results for your brand. Most booth design professionals will advise you accordingly as long as you seek for their assistance.

Once you determine the right event for your brand, the second step is to sign up and reserve your space the soonest possible. Securing strategic places has a lot of competition and you need to research on the best spot. Don’t settle for anything when you can get the best with the aid of reputable trade booth builders.

After securing the most appropriate space, you now have to get the most appropriate booth design that will serve your purpose well. Consult with specialist designers to know the best designs at what it will cost you. They will also advise you on other logistics like storage and transportation. You will also have to think about how you will transport your marketing team to the event. Your staff will also need accommodation and meals for all those days. Your team has to be comfortable as they prepare for the big day.

The other things you need to consider are the supplies for the actual event. Does your stand have enough freebies and will the delivery be timey? The team should also have a dress code or uniform for that event. You need branded kits for ease identification.

You also have to make sure that you have enough time for assembling the team and installing the exhibition stand while planning for the event. The booth design company will also assist you in setting up and dismantling this equipment. However, its important to have a clear picture of who will be doing what early enough. You can be assured of success when you set up the stand in the right place and choose the best booth design. Bringing a top-notch organization through the entire process is critical to guaranteeing you a great trade fair.

Writing A Composition

Writing a composition is not a cakewalk as it demands a lot of creativity and understanding of the chosen topic so that you can write it down in your own words and express your opinion on the same. There are a lot of aspects related to composition writing which most of the students fail to grasp and unfortunately score less. However, with practice, one can get better with the writing part and eventually write a well-structured essay.

If you are tensed as to how to write a composition, then there are several online websites that provide professional help regarding the same. You can take assistance from them if you have the slightest of doubt as they would guide on writing the composition that has a right structure.

Moving further, listed below are the ways in which you can write a composition effectively:

Work on the structure of the composition

You must be sure about the structure of the composition and make sure that it is written correctly in a well-informed manner where the paragraphs seem connected to each other. If you are not sure about the structure of the essay, then you might create a big blunder and that might affect the readability of the composition. Have a vision about what you are going to write and jot down some points beforehand so that you do not end forgetting the same. Once you are done with this, you can define the sequence of the paragraphs and how you are going to go about them subsequently.

Cut down longer sentences and paragraphs

Do not just think that including too much information and unwanted sentences in the composition would make it more appealing. Be precise about what you wish to convey, do not repeat the same information again and again and make sure that you go through the written paragraphs once so that you are sure about the structure. It is better that you avoid the use of longer sentences and instead be clear about what you are going to convey in shorter yet quality content.

Do not use complicated language

It is good to use heavy vocabulary but you can also keep it in check and make sure that the content is readable to the user. Do not use too much of complicated language and instead use synonyms which are quite easier to understand from the reader’s point of view. Also, even if you are using high vocabulary, do not mess all the words up in a single paragraph as then that might sound irrelevant when you are reading. Also, use the words as per the context.

Watch out the sentence repetition

Never repeat yourself as that might cause the content to sound unprofessional and the one which lacks quality. Research on the topic well and come up with new information so that you do not repeat the sentences and can write effectively. Give new information related to statistics and past report or a new discovery that would show that you are knowledgeable about this things that are happening around which would leave a good impression on the users.

Use the commas at the right places

Placing the commas at the wrong place is often a common problem among the people as they tend to put more of them into a sentence or too few. If the first case is true i.e., if there are too much of commas then the sentences might sound broken and odd. On the other hand, if they are too few, then reader might have to read the sentence multiple times in order to figure out what you are actually saying and that can turn out to be huge mess. You can try reading your sentences aloud so that you have an idea as to where to give it a stop.

Be consistent with formatting

The appearance of your essay matters a lot and thus it is necessary that the formatting should not avoided while you are editing the composition. For instance, if you are submitting a printed composition, then you must be careful about the font and should ensure that the spacing between lines stays proper. With this, you would make your essay look professional. You could also make use of the pre-populated formatting options in your word processor in order to ensure consistency throughout.

Write a strong conclusion

The conclusion of the composition does not needs to be lengthy and can be cut down to a smaller paragraph which contains the briefing of what you have actually written in the entire composition. Sum up the conclusion precisely and do not incorporate too much of information in it as this should convey your opinions about the topic that you have chosen and its future scope or even negative aspects related to it.

A Complete Guide That Will Help You In Buying Just The Best And Right Glasses Online!

Glasses Gallery is one of the most leading American online destinations for unique boutique brand glasses and eyeglasses. They specialize in offering top quality lenses that offers ultimate comfort, protection, and comfort to you.

If you too have been checking out various online stores for you or your family’s eyewear needs, don’t waste your time and efforts anymore. No matter whether you want glasses for your toddler, reading glasses, fashion eyewear, stylish sunglasses, cool sports glasses, or blue light filtering lenses, you can always trust them no matter on price , lens product quality or style of frames .

They have a comprehensive eyewear solution for the customers of all interests and age groups. Whether you are farsighted or nearsighted, there is always a best pair for you there! Read on to know more about them and how you can buy from their website!

What makes them Lens Specialist?

They are not called lens specialists without any reason. They offer a wide choice of lenses that are ought to meet your unique optical needs. Their specialty lenses range right from single vision lenses to progressive lenses that are coated for extra protection. They offer best possible optical solutions for every consumer.

Moreover, their production center is well equipped with sophisticated and advanced optical production equipment that is used to apply utmost precision on also complex lenses. Their expert and experienced craftsman work round the clock to offer top quality lenses!

Buying functional lenses

Their ultimate aim is to ensure optimal care of your eyes. This is the main reason why they provide functional optical lenses that offer both protection and comfort. Their quality lenses are specially crafted from top grade materials and finished with precision using tested methods and technology. Whether you want single vision prescription glasses or progressive polarized sunglasses, you will get all the kinds of eyewear according to your requirements.

Fashionable Sport lenses

Glasses Gallery offers impact and scratch resistant lenses ensuring safety at each and every stage of their production. Their collection of lenses features wide array of tinted sports lenses that are specifically designed for different
outdoor activities like tennis running, golf, hunting, cycling, and much more. These exclusive sports lenses are crafted to provide best visual experience and safety.

They have announced a completely new and exciting promotion of their free RX color lenses for men and women sport glasses. They are starting just from US$54 Customize your own sport prescription glasses and your own color lens at a very comfortable price point

Shipping and Delivery

Glasses Gallery
offer free shipping to many countries. If you choose express courier , , your glasses will be delivered in just 7 business days. Generally, the shipping time doesn’t include production time since it can vary depending on the kind of lenses that you have ordered for your glasses.

Once you have placed your order, they will send you a shipment notification email once it has been shipped from their production center. You can also contact their customer support team if you have any queries or questions!

Project Management Careers

Project management is an immensely popular field of study –both at the undergraduate as well as graduate levels. One of the major reasons why so many candidates & professionals out there opt for obtaining the lucrative project management degree is that it offers a wide range of career options for a successful life ahead.

Whether you are an undergraduate student who is just starting out on exploring the possible career opportunities, or a seasoned professional who wishes to increase the overall income potential –a degree in project management can help you immensely in pursuing your career goals.

If you are looking forward to a successful career ahead in your life, then here are some of the best career options that you can consider after your project management certification course or degree:

  • Software & Technology: The software & IT sector serves to be a well-known breeding ground for cutting-edge new ideas & innovations in the field of project management. While several smaller firms might still prefer searching for the respective project managers in experienced engineers and software developers, leading organizations of the world are known to hire individuals who possess the right management skills, even without any knowledge or experience in the field of software or technology. As such, you can consider proving your mettle in some software or IT company by managing a project efficiently.
  • Construction: In case you have some idea or knowledge about the technical aspects of the construction of a building or site or its management, then a reliable PMP certification training or degree can help you achieve bigger opportunities in the field of construction. The factors like precise timing & great attention-to-detail for small or large-scale construction projects implies that there will always be a need for fresh, talented project managers in the given field.
  • Marketing: Just like construction and any other field, marketing serves to be an industry that usually requires expertise over the given subject matter along with proper knowledge in the field of project management. When you are out of your school or the project management training, instead of looking out for a position in the field of marketing project management, you can experience an easier stride when you try out in other areas of marketing as well. Thus, you can consider picking up some secondary degree in project management when you are ready enough to take up the role in the specific marketing project.
  • Consulting: If you are looking forward to jumpstarting your project management career as soon as possible, the consulting industry might prove to be the ideal place to start over. There are several high-end management consulting organizations and firms that turn out to be perfect destinations for the fresh college graduates & even experienced professionals with the prestigious project management degree. If this career path appears appealing to you, you can conduct some research for determining which specific consulting firms or organizations are catering to the industry that you might find interesting.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing department or industry requires a highly experienced and talented project manager towards managing the different aspects of product manufacturing in any given unit. When it comes to the operations of the manufacturing unit, there is a lot to be managed. As such, manufacturing industry became the first-ever industry spectrum to hire efficient project managers to carry out the inspection & management of different activities in any unit. When you obtain experience in industrial engineering or designing during your project management training, it can serve immensely helpful in fulfilling your career dreams.
  • Operations: As global organizations and enterprises continue placing more emphasis on effective project management, several leading small-scale as well as large-scale companies are expanding the overall operations & its respective teams by hiring reliable, experienced project management personnel. Proper operation management is crucial for the success of any organization and thus, such organizations or companies are willing to pay higher salary packages to the skilled project managers & the team.
  • International Project Management: When you are the part of an MNC (Multi-National Company), there are various types of international dealings that you need to handle. As such, by obtaining a proper PMP certification course or degree, you can handle international chores effectively. You can work with the local branch of some MNC or an international company that might be offering international traveling opportunities. You can also consider working for a local company that is involved in some major international projects.

Whatever might be the career choice, the field of project management is a highly lucrative selection. With the continuous rise in the demand for the experienced, skilled project managers & project management teams, you can expect this career option to be on the rise in the future times. Pave your path to success in project management now!

The Basics Of Instagram Marketing

A huge variety of social media platforms exist in the current market but not all of them have the same level of influence over users. Instagram is one of the most popular and most important social media platforms for the modern business. Users from every walk of life turn to Instagram to share and receive updates from friends.

Gramlike, a major service provider for Instagram marketing services, puts it this way: “Having a strong social media following is key to success these days.” That couldn’t be truer.

We are going to go over some of the basics of Instagram marketing for you today so that you can make the most out of your Instagram efforts.

Research and Utilize The Hashtag

Hashtags are a major part of Instagram. They help to connect posts that are written on the same topics. Think of a hashtag as a topic marker or similar tool. When you include a hashtag in your post, it will show up when people
search for that topic.

There are a variety of websites and services dedicated to helping businesses determine the currently trending hashtags. Targeting these hashtags when you post will help you to get to the viral level.

Craft A Winning Bio

Your bio is not just a place to mention your website but also to describe your company. Instagram isn’t the place to market to professionals, it is a place to market to people. Crafting a catchy bio for your business will help to direct people to your website. The bio should explain your company or product in a fun and exciting way.

Ensure You Have Business Profile Enabled

Under the settings tab in Instagram, make sure that you have Business Profile enabled. This feature lists your profile as a business and your profile shows ways to contact your business. You also gain access to the business tools feature to better format, promote, and work on your Instagram presence.

Post A Wide Variety Of Images

A lot of businesses think that the only posts they can do are promotional posts. There are plenty of different types of images to post. Here are some ideas that you can use to get exposure for your Instagram account:

● Behind The Scenes Shots

● Repost Employee Photos

● Corporate Event Posts

● Repost Customer Posts

● Discount Code Posts

● Educational Posts

● Influencer Posts

● Motivational Posts

● News Posts

You want to make sure that your images are at the highest resolution possible. Most modern smartphones will shoot in the perfect quality for Instagram. Some companies opt to use professional grade DSLR cameras to take the majority of their photos.

Use Instagram Stories

The stories feature on Instagram allows you to post a collection of videos and/or photos from your day that appear at the top of your followers screens. Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours but take up less of a person’s feed and gives them the choice to view.

Stories allow your company to create a literal story about your products and services. You can also educate people about your brand and company culture. The possibilities are literally endless.

Respond To Comments

Comments are an important part of the Instagram platform. Users normally use this to talk amongst friends or share their opinions. When it comes to businesses though, many use comments to ask questions, share stories of the product, and to make suggestions. Responding to your customers’ comments makes them feel acknowledged and even special.

Not every business does this, but those that do get more out of their Instagram accounts.

Consider Buying Established Instagram Accounts

Getting your initial follower base can be difficult. It will also take time. You can bypass this process by purchasing existing Instagram accounts through services like FameMass. These accounts meet the standards explained by the companies and can jump start your Instagram marketing.

Companies like Gramlike and FameMass exist because they recognize the importance of Instagram marketing when it comes to the modern business. Billboards, newspaper advertising, and even online ads are no longer enough. You need to find creative new ways to engage customers and Instagram offers that. Take these tips and start your successful Instagram account today.

Light Up Shoes

Remember those light up shoes from the 90’s. While kids loved them they were clunky and noisy and tended to weigh down your child’s feet. Still light up shoes were fun until the lights went permanently out and you or your child were stuck with just some heavy shoes.

Well light ups are back and like with all advances in technology these shoes are definitely a step up from those light up shoes of the seventies.

Improvements in the Overall Shoe

For starters today’s light up shoes are more flexible and breathable making them far less heavy than those light up shoes of nineties. This means that today’s light ups won’t weigh on your feet making them more comfortable.

In addition those shoes of yesteryear came in limited sizes, but today’s light ups comes in all sizes and makes and you can purchase these shoes in medium and wide widths making them perfect for children, men and women.

Today’s Light Up Shoes are Stylish

Today’s modern take on light up shoes come in a various styles and patterns making them more trendy than ever before. Light up shoes are a great way to express your personality and to add little bit of fun to your life. These modern light ups have LED lights running completely around the sole and can even be seen when walking or running outlining the sole.

These newer shoes lights up with each step and changes colors as you walk or run in them. And the lights are even brighter than before.


Best of all you never need to worry about the lights in these shoes dying out since they are rechargeable and the lights work for a full 6 hours on a single charge. Once the lights grow or go dim all you need to do is recharge your shoe and you are good to go.

Benefits of Today’s Light Up Shoes

There are a couple of real benefits to today’s light up shoes. One benefit for children is that many children tend to walk on their toes rather than putting adequate weight on their heels. Light ups makes your child want to see their shoes light up all the way around, which trains them to walk putting their foot down correctly and perhaps saving them from future foot problems.

These shoes are also great for people who like to walk or run at night since the lights from the shoes combined with light clothing will help cars to see you better.

Light up shoes also will show off your dance moves and attract attention when enjoying an evening out in a club.

Combine Those Light Ups with Light Up Laces

If you are really looking to make a statement then why not combine those new light up shoes with light up laces. Light up laces combined with light up shoes will add an extra glow that is sure to capture the attention to everyone who sees you all decked out with light ups.

If you are looking to add a little light and fun to your life, then today’s light up shoes should fit the bill!

REG CPA Exam Study Tips for the CPA Students

The REG (Regulations) CPA Exam is the specific section of the CPA exam that helps in testing the candidate’s understanding of taxation at the law, federal, and legal levels & matters in a proper business context. Moreover, the REG CPA exam also helps in analyzing the efficiency of candidates in legal as well as ethical standards for which a professional or an entity must be responsible for. Alternatively, it can be said that REG CPA exam is used for covering the topics related to federal taxation & business laws. This particular section turns out to be quite difficult for several candidates out there who are opting for the REG CPA exam. This is especially difficult for those candidates who do not have any relevant taxation experience or the applicants who might be finding it difficult to memorize the tax data & facts.

In this article, we will help you go through the REG CPA exam study tips that can help you succeed at the first attempt.

REG Topic Areas & Concepts

The REG CPA exam is conducted to test various areas & concepts related to the field of taxation & business laws. Some of the common topics that are tested through this exam include:

  • Federal Tax Procedures & Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
  • Business Law
  • Federal Property Transaction Taxation
  • Federal Individual Taxation
  • Federal Entity Taxation

REG CPA Exam Structure & Format

When you opt for the REG CPA exam, you must know about its overall exam structure & format in order to get through it properly. The REG CPA exam consists of 5 different sections or testlets. The first 2 testlets of the exam have 38 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). After sitting for the first 2 testlets, you are allowed to take up the optional 15 minutes break. This break will not be counting against the total 4-hour test time.

Once you are back from the break, you will have to sit for 3 more testlets of task-based simulations. The first Task-based Simulation (TBS) will have 2 separate simulations. The 2nd & 3rd TBS will consist of 3 simulations each.

REG CPA Exam Study Tips

If it is your dream to crack the prestigious REG CPA exam at your first attempt, then here are some top study tips to follow:

  • Be Adept at Memorization: REG CPA exam is definitely going to test your overall memorization skills. The entire exam is all about how much you are able to memorize the concepts & facts related to taxation & business laws. As such, you will be required to memorize several facts related to tax and even figures that might not make any sense outside the tax coding or context. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the review course coherently.
    If possible, you can study by designing proper mnemonics that can help you in memorizing the tough concepts & facts. Always keep going through the facts including deductions, exemptions, and various others such that you do not forget them easily.
  • Take Proper Notes: One of the best techniques out there for memorizing difficult tax & law concepts is to take proper notes & write things down. The more you will practice writing down facts & figures, the better it will be for you to remember them. You can make individual flash cards on separate topics that can help you in remembering them for the longest time.
  • Strategic Studying: When it comes to effective studying & preparing for your REG CPA exam, quality will always outrun quantity. Therefore, it is important for you to develop a proper strategy that can help you prepare well for the exam. As the tax codes & concepts might appear immensely boring, you can follow a proper break-up strategy to refresh yourself in the meantime.
    It is quite difficult to sit for long hours at a stretch and learn difficult tax codes & concepts. Thus, you should break up the overall study time between tax & law or tax & application. This will help in breaking the monotony and focusing on important aspects of the subject.
  • Practice MCQs Diligently: As the overall exam pattern of the REG CPA exam is based on MCQs, it is vital for you to practice MCQs of different types as much as possible. Keep working upon new & revising the old MCQs in the given REG CPA review course. This turns out to be the best practice towards preparing yourself seriously for the REG CPA exam.

Most of the CPA exam experts recommend that candidates should opt for the REG CPA exam only once they have attained ample experience in the field of federal taxation. Otherwise, the candidates can also take up professional REG CPA exam help from the online courses out there!

Brief Information About Provisional Patent Application To Claim Future Benefits

PPA or Provisional Patent Application is a process to secure filing date. In addition, it is mandatory to avoid filing and prosecution costs associated with non-provisional patent application. More explicitly, if you file a non-provisional application within a year of PPA’s filing, then the non-provisional application can claim the benefits from the PPA’s filing date.

As PPA is not scrutinized, the applicant gets time to decide whether the created invention is viable commercially or not. In addition, the cost associated with the prosecution of non-provisional patent application like specific attorney fee’s gets eliminated.

PPA is not disclosed to public, if applicant fails to file non-provisional application on the basis of his/her PPA. The application number of his or her invention patent needs to be published for public disclosure. In this post, let’s understand the benefits and pitfalls of PPA filing. Also, get an idea about how to write the invention’s draft.

Worthy benefits of PPA filing

PPA offers the crucial one-year extension to file a non-provisional patent application. The applicant gets an extra year to test and perfect his/her invention. Moreover, take care of financial supports, licensing requirements, determine sales potential, etc. As PPA’s are not scrutinized, applicant gets an opportunity to avoid expenses associated with filing non-provisional patent application.

Possible pitfalls of PPA filing

Within a year, you need to file non-provisional application to take privilege of PPA filing date. There is no extension allowed. Legally, you can either file non-provisional patent application in a year or lose your benefits from filing date. This period is same in all the countries.

If PPA fails to describe adequately all that is appealed for in non-provisional application filed later, then added material in non-provisional application will not depend on PPA filing date. It can affect the patentability. Make sure that you hire the best and registered patent practitioner. Elaborate details of your concept will assure validity, and will be useful to legally support the non-provisional patent application later.

You can also get to learn a lot information on patents and PPA filing by visiting the website of Abstract Tube. It is a trusted digital library, where you can share and upload data and videos related to patents, journal papers, conference papers etc. That will help you in getting more people to know about your invention, and also earn more citations. It is also a great way to get exposures for your new inventions, so that your product can eventually make it to the market.

Invention drafting needs to be adequate

Proper format needs to be followed in writing invention description in a PPA. It starts with general informational background and followed by more detailed sections regarding the invention.

As new substantive information cannot be added in the existing filed PPA, one can file an array of PPAs, each one referring to the previously filed application. Each successive PPA will include new material. Make sure not to omit relevant facts or include misleading information.

Technically, drawings are not part of description, but it generally includes reference numerals, flow charts, photos or chemical formulas. Non-provisional patent applications don’t allow photographs, but in PPA [as it stands in for non-provisional patent drawings] photographs are acceptable. Remember, when PPA is converted into non-provisional patent application, formal drawing submission is mandatory.

Apply the following order to write description

  • Title
  • Technical sector
  • Background info & prior art
  • Describe how your creation handles technical issues
  • Illustrated drawing figure numbers with brief explanation
  • Detailed invention description
  • Give an example of inventions intended use

Make sure to review and edit the drafted PPA. Check for quality like terminology consistency, typos, grammar, and numerals. You can perform the abovementioned, so that your patent attorney gets a good start in preparing strong PPA, the one that will certainly support your non-provisional patent application without any concerns about serious security level.

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