4/9/19 Presentation

Muyiwa: Amazon

When it comes to business power is all about. The more powerful your company is, the more successful will be. I Agree with Jeff Bezos on refusing to stay in NY because taxes.

Louis: Seven ways how technology will change in 2019

No matter how technology improves over the years it will be a human need to correct error. Technology improvements are good, but when it comes to food is something that I just don’t get it.

Felix Ubiera, ENG2575-E292, Comments on presentations done on April 9th, 2019

Muyiwa Aniyikaye’s Presentation:

The deal with Amazon seems good in the outside but in the inside that might not be the case. For instance, they didn’t disclose what kind of jobs they were going to offer. Another point is how good manipulator is Jeff Bezos. He hired New Yorkers just because he was negotiating a deal in New York, otherwise, he would not do that.

Louis’ Presentation:

This world is advancing very fast and apparently without stopping. You don’t assimilate one technology when a newer one is released. Personally, I don’t like where this is going. People are going to lose jobs because of it. Creators are not considering possible errors a technology-driven world might bring. For example, what if driverless cars lose signal or how are they going to respond against an unexpected event such as natural disaster. The aspect that worries me about this is that the negative aspect is not being spoken. And the speed, the speed of these new advances. For example, in photography, you buy a camera today but in a month is going to be obsolete. And It affects people in a way they think they made a bad choice not waiting for the newer technology.

Presentations Comments – 4/9/2019

Amazon – Good article to talk about, Amazon coming to LIC would have drastically altered the Queens and NYC infrastructure. The economic effect would be huge if they made a HQ in Queens, for better or more likely worse.

Louis – Interesting news on technology, some of the innovations sound great while others sound like they could be destructive to society if used for the wrong purpose.

Comments on presentation 9 April 2019

Muyiwa Aniyikaye-

Do you think Amazon is creating a financial imbalance in the states they operate by not paying tax and by offering a limited amount of jobs in comparison?

Louis Sakala-

Do you think driver less taxis will be successful in the future despite the major accidents that occurred with Uber’s self driving car?

Hasibul Chowdhury ENG2575 E292 – Presentation Comments 04/09/19

Muyiwa Aniyikaye
Amazon’s Hard Bargain Extends Far Beyond New York – NYT

Amazon lowers prices of its goods for customers and does not require customers to pay taxes for a large portion of items on Amazon. Do you think if Amazon paid State taxes and passed on the taxes to customers, their business would suffer?

Louis Sakala
Seven Ways Technology Will Change In 2019 – The Guardian

Do you think driver-less taxis will have a future when there are so many people/drivers currently sabotaging Waymo cars?

Afraz Allie ENG 2575 E292 In-class presentation 04/09/2019

Presenter 1 – Muyiwa – “Amazon”

I enjoyed listening to your presentation on Amazon. As much as I know of them it was good to get some incite of some of their past interactions with other states. Great job.

Presenter 2 – Louis Sakala – “Seven Ways Technology Will Change in 2019.”

Thank you Louis for your presentation, it was very informative. There was a lot of information unpacked here so I must thank you for your persistence and dedication in getting it all done.