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Joanna Gordon, ENG2575 E292 Comments on Presentation, April 9th 2019

Presentation 1-Muyiwa – amazon- very insightful, i did not know about amazon and the relationship they had with full time employment for New Yorkers.

Presentation 2- Louis -Ways technology will change in 2019 – A lot of things to expect this year, doesn’t driver less cars take away jobs from current people. we’ll all eventually be sitting on the couch like some big fat people, with technology doing everything for us. What is gonna happen to humanity?

Joanna Gordon ENG2575 E292 – Comments on Presentation on March 26th 2019

Mohammed – Google (Stadia)

You mentioned “No loading time, 5 secs to load game” – i think this all depends on how the cable&internet companies services react if you have the proper “plan” to provide for this gaming.  It can also be beneficial to the internet companies to sell a higher quality internet so everyone can be involved in the new “IN THING” its also interesting how PS and XBox controllers can both work.

Joanna Gordon ENG2575 E292, Comments on Presentations 3/19/2019

Presentation 1-Matt -Crypto-Currency. This presentation was very well delivered. It’s not like he was reading off the slide. and it can be seen he knows his material. I did not know that Whatsapp was on t he same back bone as Face book, but thanks for that.

Presentation 2-  Affraz Allie – inattention blindness, I now understand why the professor doesn’t not allow phones in the classroom

Presentation 3 – Ahamed- A.I.- You mentioned that when an individual is screened,and can be operated on as soon as diagnosis is done but doesn’t that need doctors to operate on them still?  Won’t there still be a lack of doctors?


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Presentation 1– Sergio Carillo – 5G


  • for the medical revolution, I have already been to a conference that people are creating databases which was spoke about. However, I guess 5G will make it more proficient in the updating patient records.
  • Also what are negative aspects of this, health wise? Eg. Radiation

Presentation 2– Shatabdi Katha – Amazon bets on empathetic Alexa

  • Even though our conversation can be deleted, isn’t it already stored by other databases and can be used against your will?



The movie I liked was “Night School.”  Kevin Hart’s character was basically a school bully and his life was based upon lies, however, his lies eventually caught up with him. In order to correct this  and to make an honest living with a proper job, he had to complete his G.E.D. through a night school program. The teacher discovered he had several learning disabilities and had to be taught different from the average student. Upon completion of this program he failed the G.E.D. examination. His determined attitude made retake the test until  he received a passing grade and was able to graduate.


Night School was about ,Teddy Walker, a salesman for a late Bar-B-Que business, on the quest for a new job and the up keeping of his high maintenance lifestyle. Having been a high school drop out, he had to attain his G.E.D. , through a night school program. His night school teacher realized that he had several learning disabilities so his learning and retaining knowledge was not as the other night school students. He also had to endure  working at a fast food joint, and up keeping a lie to his fiance, which she eventually found out. Upon completion of this program he failed the G.E.D. examination, but with his determination he redid the  the test until  he received a passing grade and was able to graduate.