My Comment- 3/5/19

Apple Face time Bug presentation

When it comes to technology, security is a big issue. It’s like people know that these tech companies like google, Facebook, amazon exploiting people’s privacy for their own means. There have been multiple incidents where people noticed Facebook eavesdropping in on people conversation through their phone’s mic and using it for their means of purpose.  For example, showing you advertisements about the products you mentioned about in the conversation.

Google is Fined

It’s shocking how much they were charged for using targeted ads on their website. Whenever a user queries for anything there are websites right at the very top that paid google to appear on top of the page. They’re usually well known and well established websites, but it is shocking to see how much they pay google to appear at the top of the result page.


I think most superpower countries like Russia, China , America and India, journals are treated with the same concern. No major country want their sensitive information leaking out. They’re almost treated like spies. the government of the country tend to keep a close eye on outside tourists, and I think that seems like the right protocol.

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