Mohammad Alam, ENG-2575,E292,5 Sentence movie summary

The Martian-

Space study holds a lot of mystery and questions. This movie is a survival story of an astronaut who lands on the surface of Mars and loses all the required support. Without enough food supply and proper communication equipment, it was almost impossible to survive in such an environment. The movie teaches that believing in one’s self, strong will power, and aim can help to accomplish almost anything.

The Martian is a survival story of an astronaut named Mark Watney. Mark was presumed dead and left behind by fellow crew members on the surface of Mars after a fierce storm. With a small amount of food supply and broken communication between Mark and NASA, his only goal was to survive the hostile planet and get back to Earth. While Mark was working on his survival, back on earth NASA team members were working hard to plan a rescue mission. Finally, Mark’s fellow crew mates planned their own daring rescue mission and were able to rescue Mark and bring him back home.

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