Afraz Allie ENG2575 E292 Five Line Movie Summary

My favorite moving is Rocky, staring Sylvester Stallone. This movie came out during the early eighties and it was based on boxing where a young local from Philadelphia got a chance to fight against the word heavyweight champion of the world. Rocky worked in a boxing gym doing odd ends jobs. The fight was suppose to be an exhibition between Rocky and the champion. However, during the fight Rocky was able to stand toe to toe with the champ, lasting all fifteen rounds.


Rocky is a movie based on a boxing match between the main fighters who are Rocky and Apollo Creed. Rocky was a local guy from Philadelphia while Creed was the world heavyweight champion at the time. Creed was looking to have an exhibition fight with a local as a marketing strategy and Rocky got the opportunity of a lifetime. Rocky was unaware that the fight was an exhibition so he gave it his all, lasting all fifteen rounds, standing toe to toe with the champ. At the end the judges called it in favor of Creed but the crowd favored Rocky.

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