Benjamin Goletic ENG2575 E292 Movie Summary

The Dark Knight is the second film of the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan. Batman who is the main protagonist who cleaned up Gotham and the all the criminals in town are scared of him with the exception of the Joker who is the antagonist of the story.  Jokers main purpose is to undermine Batman’s authority and as well as Harvey Dents who is the district attorney of Gotham. Detective Gordon, Dent and Batman are all trying to fight organized crime, with the Joker foiling their plans along the way. Batman has to make a choice between fighting crime and keeping Gotham clean or hanging up the cape to be with the love of his life Rachel. The Joker kidnaps Harvey Dent and Rachel, keeping them at two separate locations leaving it to Batman and detective Gordon to rescue them, Batman chooses Rachel only to find out that he came to the location when Harvey Dent was being kept and with no time to get to Rachel.



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