Project 5

This semester has been a blast it went by so fast, guess I’m not used to semesters yet. At the beginning college was scary and I was always second guessing myself and my ability or skills to keep up with my fellow classmates. But now that the semester is almost over I look back and see that I had nothing to worry about. Yes some people will be more advanced than me but we are all here to learn,grow, and hoan in on our craft. I have learned so many things that I thought I was never capable of doing, yet alone doing it well. Not just skills in school but I have developed skills in life, I know that I have gained more confidence in my work which then transfers over to my life. Since I have to talk and work with people more so it became normal to me, I’m a custom to it. Also leadership skills I have learned as well, I have a sense taking control of a situation and knowing what to do now. I know before this semester I could not be in that leader role. Have trust in your professors because they have helped me a lot, in the sense of being a critic and knowing what they are talking about of course. I have learned as a student the best advice I can give will be to never procrastinate on your work that is assigned to you. This goes with being responsible because nobody is going to make you pass your classes but yourself. Time maintenance is a big part when your a student because you have to know how much time to do work, study, relax, or working at your job. This is why making a schedule with help keep track on what you have to do and when to do it. Now a lot of students are stressed, but if you manage your work time right I believe you will have nothing to stress about. But if you are stressed, make sure you give yourself sometime to relax, you can listen to music draw, or be with friends and family. Don’t over work yourself.

As a design student I have learned that the thinking process of a project is sometimes longer then the action of the project. It’s pricey to be a design student but is it worth it? Yes it is. Practice is everything always practice your craft. Also as a design student it’s extremely important to get to know your classmates because if some people are doing to same things you are interested in, you can always give feedback on each other’s work so next time your work will be better and you will have a better understanding. But being a critic is not only good for your classmates but good for you because you will have to look carefully at the work and try to see it in a different way so when you start a new project you can implement these different chocies into your work. It’s almost like a give and take situation.

I have learned many things about me as a writer. I found out that my writing style is not formal, it’s more loose almost like an free write. Also many people write differently, some write formal, some do not, some write more poetic. I like to write in a way that is somewhat relatable or easy going vocabulary. But I have also learned that you shouldn’t always write one way, if you write using simple vocabulary then sometimes you should switch it up. It will make you more interesting of a writer. If vocabulary is not your strong suit, don’t worry me neither. But though out my first semester of English we had a glossary blog where you would write a word you do not know or wish to know more if you came across while reading. Then post the word sounded out with the definition and quote of which the word is taken from. Now this helped me with learning new vocabulary words that I never used before. Now knowing these words I can use them in my writing to take it where it hasn’t been before.

So now that my first semester ever in college is wrapping up, I will say I enjoyed it but can’t wait to move forward with my next semester. But I will never forget my first semester ever because I can only get one.

project 4

A mission statement is a summary of a company,organization, or individual values. A mission is the “why” of the company about its existence according to Kolowich, Lindsay in “17 truly inspiring company vision and mission statement examples” and its goal, also the impact of the company towards the customers. Most all mission statements is used for companies to tell the public or customers a bit about the company so customers know what to expect or get when using the company. The length of a mission statement does not have to be that long.In “how long should a mission statement be?” Dan Furman states that “Most fall around 2-4 sentences, and 50- 100 words. These statements should be bold, focused, and to the point. Another important think about a mission statement is that it should be changed as the company changes its goals or anything, dont be afraid to change the statement when ever you feel like you need to. Most important is the audience, now the three components to identify the audience is, first the intent the company is reaching for the audience. Second, is what will the audience get from the company’s services. Last, will be the outcome for the audience.

I choose a mission statement because they are very clear and easy to understand, and if i can always change it or add on to it makes the mission statement for me a great way to clearly state my goal. My mission is, “Through my skills of photography and adventure, I will take photos to show the beauty of nature and wildlife.So it will bring people peace and happiness, also a sense of adventure.”As you can see it is not too long of a statement and it is straight to the point of the company. So the “why” of my statement is to bring people’s spirits up, giving them a boost throughout their day. The goal is by using photos of wildlife and nature to bring people happiness also to go and get out there and enjoy life.

Now if you would like to write and mission statement, here is how you would go about doing one. According to “How to write a mission statement in 5 easy steps” by Tim Berry,it should define what the company does for its customers. Define what the company does for its employees and define what the company does for its owners. You want to start off by stating the why of your company, then state the goal of the company. Dont forget to write how the company impacts to customers and impacts itself. Make sure you change the statement if needed, to insure that its up to date with the company.

I believe everyone should make a mission statement because its a great way to have a clear guide on what you want to do. Now it does not have to be public be just for yourself, to have a plan and to change that plan if you want a different outcome. Remember a mission statement is a plan for now, why not have a plan.

How to Write a Mission Statement in 5 Easy Steps




Juxtaposition essay

Pier 5

There is always the hustle and bustle of the city. People everywhere have someplace to be and somewhere to go. But in this fast pace city, inside there are places that have a total different feel a different environment, a slower pace if you will. These places are important just as important as the big building you see in the city. There are not many of these places compared to the busy side of things, but no less we have to pay mind to the places with a slower, calmer environment.

The picture I took was of Pier 5 in Brooklyn. You can get there from CityTech by walking south on Jay street until you hit Johnson street then turn right. Walk to court street and keep walking straight on Joralemon street and you will get to Pier 5 in about 15- 20 minutes. The reason for me picking this picture to show the juxtaposition of the different environments, the fast pace and slow pace. The pier 5 is very relaxing and calming, also people come to just sit a talk. Nobody is rushing to go somewhere, everyone is just enjoying their time in this environment. While next to this pier is building that get bigger the more you walk farther away from the pier. It gets more crowded, more louder, more pieces moving at the same time. Also just a cross the water is Manhattan and their big,tall, looming buildings.So it’s also as if there is this bustling city life on both sides of the pier and this pier is a beautiful sanctuary in between the craziness. As for me personally when Im walking to the pier, passing these big buildings and crowds of people, I feel congested and a sense of,I need space. But when I get the pier I feel relief, also like I can breathe again, a sense of calm and no worries.

So why places such as the piers, parks, or just any place in the city where life is slower and quieter. Why are these places important in the city where, the city is know for being all about keep moving and noise as well as fast. They are important because it makes people happier, its a stress free environment. People that live in the city,visiting the city, or temporary people in the city that experience the fast, loud, crowded life need an escape from that so the answer is a new opposite environment. I find being in the crowded city very and sometimes extremely stressful, “so yes, people are blissful in Central Park, and bummed the hell out at Penn Station” according to “The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City, According to Twitter.”I agree with this article because imagine if quiet places like piers or parks in the city did not existence, then a high amount of people would be in crowded places most of the time and have no places to escape that stress. More stressful people in a crowded environment together leads to a lot of unhappiness and more people not wanting to stay. Also stated in this article, ” There seems to be no better argument for city planners not to skimp on the urban green spaces than this. People love parks!” More stress free environments in the city. I know to myself that I love staying in a environment that helps me feel happy and if living an more crowded place gives people less happiness. Then places with parks and piers  will provide happiness, isn’t important? These places are important, when it comes down to it. I know when i come out of CityTech, I’m glad I have places to go like the piers or the park for that matter. In my experience of the city, these places have helped me a lot, if i ever had a hard day, a stressful day, or even a sad day. I know that these places help me get away for stress and open my mind to be calm and forget about the troubles of life, I know these places helped other people too. Life in the city is a stressful place, a place away from that helps reduce that stress.

In places in the city, I have seen people on rooftops having small gardens. People that live in apartments, standing out on their balcony just looking out. People living in their houses just sitting on their steps looking up at the sky, looking at the people walking by. These people are doing the same actions as people in the parks and at the piers the only difference I have noticed is that more people are smiling in parks or piers then people that are at their homes and apartments. The atmosphere in these environments of stress free places, you have happy people talking to happy people. It feels more whole, almost like one big family. while in the city where the bustling is going on, it feels dull just people disconnected in a different sense.


Merchant, Brian. “The Happiest and Saddest Places in New York City, According to Twitter.” Motherboard, August 20, 2013. Web.