Project #2 First Draft

Question: Can you see yourself doing anything else?

A: There is one other thing that I can possibly see myself doing but it would take a lot of effort and dedication put into it to actually receive an outcome from it. That one thing would be streaming or doing Youtube as a content creator. Being a content creator on those platforms can also expand my creativity while being myself as a person. I was unsure if I would be successful in that direction so I decided to become a graphic designer as a ComD major to have that firm ground to build myself on while learning something that I genuinely enjoy. Other than that, I do not really see myself doing anything else that I am interested in or would spend the rest of my life perusing and doing. As of now, I focus myself on being successful as a ComD student while enjoying Youtube and being a content creator for fun and a side hobby.

Question: What influenced you towards this major?

A: The thing that dragged me into this major was around 5 years ago. At the time, I went back to China for vacation and during that time, I signed up for a drawing and shading class because my cousin asked if I wanted to try it out. During the month and a half of being in the drawing class, I became really intrigued with how my artwork really stood out with the shading and making it 3D. It really made me think about how people look at things and the way they see it because during the classes, everyone was sitting in a different seat while looking at the same 3 to 4 wooden blocks under a light and it was casting a shadow in a different direction. After my vacation, that was when I bought my first drawing tablet and starting doing digital art and learning by watching Youtube videos and teaching myself. This was what influenced me towards this major in ComD.

Question: What are some things you like to design?

A: There are many things that I personally like to design. When I am at home, I would usually be drawing or sketching characters with my drawing tablet. That would range from anime to just random shape or words that kind of stands out to me. I would also occasionally go online to play around and create a custom shoes and colors but I do not buy them because I like to just experiment with it and see what results I get with my own style. Another thing that I like to design

Curious Artifacts


When I was making my mind map, I thought of all the things that I love and enjoy doing, whether it was physical or not. 

Making a Mind Map by Danny Zhao


I took three objects I had came up with which was my headphones, my speakers, and my keyboard. I proceeded to sketch them out in both stable and ambiguous.

Sketch+Iterate by Danny Zhao


Inked Compositions by Danny Zhao


Throughout the whole process of this project, I learned to draw with creativity and how random idea that comes up in my mind can be shown on a piece of art. I also had some really good constructive criticism from my fellow peers. I could have improved by switching the white space in my inkings to make it more ambiguous. In my next project, I can implement what I learned about white space and fix the mistakes such as accidental line marks to make my piece better. 


Zine (Noun)

•a noncommercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.

Things are looking great, and not so great when I speak to Irish designer Kayley Kemple. She’s just graduated with her BA at TU, Dublin School of Creative Arts and scooped the Best Visual Communication Student award; but she’s also just got chicken pox (naturally, she mocked up a zine about it.)

Emily Gosling is talking about how Kayley Kemple created a zine to express how even though she has chicken pox, she graduated with her BA and an award.