Project #3 completed

taken by: Alice Garcia

To navigate from New York City Tech you must exit from jay street and then its approximately like 2 blocks going down going to Fulton street. From there you can already see the train station to not just the A train but also the C, F trains. Afterward you have to head to the left of the train station like one block to head to Lawrence and Willoughby street near the R train exit of Jay St-Metro Tech station. There is also this address you can put on google maps to help navigate: 129 Lawrence St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, this will leave you in the same street where the view is at.To look for this angle in the photograph you have to look up and see the same design building. There are 2 different buildings the very first is part of the ASA college, the second building is a connection to the parking lot of the college. This is an example of Juxtaposition because here we can see that there is an old and modern type building due to the use of material seen outside the building.

Brooklyn has a lot of good things or places where they are some being relocated elsewhere but they weren’t removed. Even though it may not see the same like before in some previous years that doesn’t mean you never been or walked there but it got more modern with new places in the area. Walking through my juxtaposition area that I found was very relaxing and more quiet. Other would say it would seem pretty isolated. I think that many have their own perspective of going from a street and think whether it seems like a good place, quiet, loud, too crowded, or even too small of a space to even get to explore anything around the location of a cetain street. I prefer going through locations such as the one that represents my juxtaposition because I’m one of those persons that prefers the calm of the street and when I’m looking up I like to seem the glass windows reflecting the sun’s light into the building in front or even see the different from the first building to the next one right after that one and then the one right after the second one and so on.

Juxtaposition can be anything you see outside and be thinking about what you think of the certain location you are in or living near by. It all depends on what you think and what you like of a certain location, or the atmosphere itself.

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