Project #5

    Entering City Tech has certainly been a whole new world to me. Going from being in a private school, where there are plenty of restrictions and requirements, to finally being solely on my own without much advisement, has most definitely taken a toll on me, but it has also taught me a lot. My school didn’t offer any courses which would’ve benefited me in my preferred career path, so I pretty much walked into college with zero experience in anything, which also caused me to feel as though I didn’t fit in. I’ve had to get used to doing things on my own, figuring things out on my own, and overall just becoming a more independent individual.

    I’ve had a hard time adjusting, mainly because of my shyness. Public speaking, interaction with others, and basically anything that has to do with attention being solely on me, has never been my cup of tea, which is why writing has always been my preferred way of expressing myself. My anxiety doesn’t get in the way which allows me to freely and thoroughly communicate my thoughts and ideas without becoming overwhelmed with nervousness. I’ve always enjoyed writing/typing essays and I’ve always been pretty good at it. Although English 1101 hasn’t helped me much in regards to improving my skills, it has helped me gain more insight on myself as a person and opened up my eyes to new styles of writing besides just formal pieces, which is mainly what I’m used to. Looking back, COMD 1100 hasn’t benefited me significantly either, besides help bring out a few skills in me that I didn’t know I was capable of. Both classes do, however, encourage students to bring forth their own opinions and perspectives which is useful, especially when it comes to critiquing. I’m a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean that everything I produce is going to be up to par, at least not to my standards, which is why I’m always open to hear feedback. My Raster & Vector class has probably been the most beneficial in terms of introducing me to new and useful programs/material that I might possibly use in the future. It has also been the most intriguing in my opinion.

    As a design student, I’m still on the path of figuring out the best route for myself. My interests still lie within the realm of fashion and the world of design, however, so far my first semester hasn’t quite helped me figure out whether this is the best path for me or not. I’m still confused myself as to what best suits me and my skill set, but I’m slowly figuring it out. Being that I had a late start, things were a bit rocky at first and I’ve struggled immensely with handling my habit of procrastination (which I don’t think I’ll ever resolve) but, I’ve met some amazing people and amazing professors along the way. Although my first semester of college has helped me break out of my shell just the tiniest bit, I still have a far way to go and a lot more self discovering to do.

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