Ways of reflecting draft

This semester started off easy and smooth but on the long run it started to get challenging with the assignments and exams every class threw at me. I overcame , doing better on some things than others but at the end you learn what you did wrong and how to work on it.

   Me as a writer this semester I’ve learned that things dont always have to be strictly written as a format, it can be creative as long as you do get the points out there for the reader to understand unless following a format is strictly demanded.

   What I’ve learned as a designer is that there many ways to create something digitally, whether it be photoshop or illustrator,  even though I had issues because I wasnt experienced enough, I still learned knew skills.

   With this information I can use it to my future in finishing my college based on not being stuck on a paragraph but just letting me ideas flow and making it creative but yet organized and getting the points across. And for my future career I can learn to practice these digital art skills so therefore I can expand my skillset and apply it to new projects .

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