Ways of Reflecting

My first semester in my first year went by really fast. First thing i knew, it was August, next thing i know it’s December. It’s been a really interesting and great semester. My point of view of college was about 20 page essays, work mounted a top of more work, and just stressful nights. But for the most part, it wasn’t entirely like that. It was easy work, i learned a lot of the material that was taught, pretty fast, and I’ve learned many essays formats i can write my essay or anything else in. I’ve definitely made improvements as a writer, and as a designer. I feel like my ability to grasp knowledge pretty fast, was an advantage for me. Becoming a college student definitely made me focus on my time management, because before entering college, i was a very unorganized person, but now that I’ve been in college for a while now, I’ve learned how to manage my time better, as that will help me, the more i become older.

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