project 4

part 4

I chose designer statement because I believe writing a designer statement is a lasting way to make an artists piece of work more understanding. My goal in a designer statement is to help the audience understand the meaning behind my work but also give them the freedom to be able to view my work in their eyes , for them to be bale to have their own opinion and critique.

One feature in a designer statement is the process. As a designer it’s helpful to introduce how the piece of art work was created to give the reader a better understanding and an imagination on how things were created based on my piece of work a lot of images were provided so how and when I took these pictures are really important. What I did was usually get a good perspective on the position that I was taking the picture. I Made sure that the image itself made sense , I also either took the image in the day or night. to have that beautiful lighting. I edited these images on photoshop and used certain effects and created a soothing image some with repetition. Another feature in a designer statement is the message . Many artist use the time to talk about their purpose on creating their artwork. It can be really helpful to the view and give them a better understanding on the why? how? and for what?. My message and or purpose on my artwork was mainly to send out positive vibes. My images are mostly consist of images I took in several places. The images are full of bright colors and lights. In my designer statement I talked about my strong interest in color and I talked about my process and explained what I used to create these images. I also explained my goal I planned to reach and I accomplished it fairly. As said in the article

by FIT I can promote my own work of art in the future starting now.

How do you write a designer statement? Well before you even Start your whole project you have to find a purpose to why you’ll be doing your piece of art work to be able to include in your designer stamens, as your creating your piece of artwork keep in mind how you think and how you create it. The process” take a few notes and write certain things yo want the audience to know about your art. Many people can confuse artist stamens with designer statements, but the difference is that in an artist stamens the artist usually completes a piece of work for a client and a designer is usually for themselves.



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