Part 4

The format I decided to use for this project was a Manifesto. A manifesto is a personal or even handwritten statement intending to shock, inspire, or offend. It can also be a statement where artists share their intention, their beliefs, their goals, and their views on the world. But it can also be a document of an ideology, crafted to convince and convert. Yet the goal of a it is to make the reader feel intrigued, amused and excited. A manifesto has an unusual format yet it comes in many forms. The format of a manifesto is using type to alter the way your tone come across. But it can also be very theatrical and is also known as fiction dresses as fact. A manifesto does not typically have a certain length, but it typically consist of a number of statements, which are numbered or in bullet points and which do not necessarily follow logically from one to the next. Manifestos can be used for many things but it is usually used to challenge and provoke someone and, advertisements. Manifesto mainly focus on a group of people sharing common perspective or a form of social and political philosophy. The way to write a manifesto is…

  1. Get inspired by the surrounding
  2. To make notes
  3. Write a rough draft
  4. Put it away and then proofread
  5. Live it

This is my manifesto:

Laughter feeds the soul and allows creativity to flow. But DEATH tries to stop you yet you succeed. FRIENDS and FAMILY will always be there to LOVE and SUPPORT you. Even though people hurt your feelings you still POWER through. ART is your outlet USE IT

It inspires me to do better and it talks about my stuggles and how are helped me over come it. All the stuggles I had thought the years have pushed me towards my goal of becoming an artist and I believe my manifesto clearly explains that.

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