Artist Statement


I am an all-around creative artist, Dominican, born in Manhattan, raised all my life in the Bronx. I’m currently a student at the New York City College of Technology. I am a communication design student who is looking forward to using the skills I’m learning to incorporate it into my own craft. I am a musician/entertainer looking to expand my own personal brand and grow my audience as I’ve been doing.

Artist Statement:

In my art, I use music and writing to express my deepest thoughts and feelings then performing them in a way. Letting it out to the public and letting others relate to me. I feel like I’m an inspiration to others and people can resonate with me and my vibrant personality. I want to combine all forms of art to create something amazing and something to help the world in a greater way. I feel like some people don’t understand me but I’m a master at my craft and I am building up my success from my crazy, beautiful art and it will take me to the top.

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