• one who provokes

In “How better phones can  help you document, and shape,your neighborhood” Patrick Sisson answers the question “What advice do you have about getting ahead in the industry for people who want to become professional photographers?”

He states You want to tell stories through your photos, and be clear if you want to be an artistic provocateur, or if you want to objectified. Secondly, you don’t need the best equipment, you don’t need the Leica. Finally, I would say, unfortunately in this day and age, you may have to do something else to free yourself up to do this kind of work. I’ve been a lawyer. For many who are pure photographers, they’re wedding and portrait photographers and so forth.”

In other words,Patrick Sisson is basically saying if you want to advance and get ahead or or simply get better at photography theirs no clear trick to it. It’s all about working with the resources you have and using the means necessary to do what needs to been done. For example, making time in your probably busy schedule to do so.

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