Value portraits


In the first part of this project, I took hand portraits and edited them to have this gray look to it


I had to take a picture of myself that captures the lighting so that I’m able to posterize it in photoshop. After posterizing it, I had to trace the image on tracing paper. Then I had to trace it lightly on Bristol. After tracing it lightly, I painted it using the colors black, gray, and white

frame of animation

Animated gif: Value portrait transformation


This project was a hard project to do. One thing that was really hard was the painting, I’ve never painted before so it was a hard thing to do but I feel like the painting came out nice. It was also fun doing painting for the first time in probably a while. One thing that I can improve on is the painting, I like the mask effect it gives off but I should learn how to use the different shades of gray.

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