Project 3 completed

To arrive here ,it’s a 5 minute walk. First you would want to come out of City Tech through the Tillary st. entrance. After that, take a right and walk down the block. Take a left and cross the street towards Jay st., when you pass by McLaughlin park , you will make it to City Tech’s midway building and look across the street and there it is. 

  This is a good example of juxtaposition because it shows two very different pieces of architecture which is the church , looking like it’s mostly made out of brick while we have the the tall modern building which has many windows.

   Walking towards my juxtaposition was quick and it wasn’t as much of an interesting walk, another thing is that I didn’t get to view it in a different position within the area which could’ve given a different type of sense or information. However I checked out a different route on google maps and I went through a preview and the route was interesting, first off you would walk near Brooklyn bridge which would be Adam’s st and then make a right heading to sands st. When you do , the Manhattan bridge comes into sight after that you keep walking until jay st came and the tall building was near the manhattan bridge and more farther down was the church. The article that supports this is “what if you could choose between the fastest route and the most beautiful?” And states 

 “Your commute to work and your walk to the shop don’t have to be so myopic and destination-driven. If you give yourself 10 extra minutes for a small detour on your journey, it can transform your experience of the city into something altogether more enjoyable.” This explains that longer routes can make you view something in a bigger light and affect the way you view the destination your going to,just how the different route was shown in googlemaps. Another article that supports this is “The way we live now:11-11-01;Lost and Found” by Colson Whitehead,  and the author stated “you start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it.” This explains how you can view my juxtaposition which is this old brick religious building with the large windows and statues in front , meanwhile we have this largely built modernized building which seems almost transparent by the amount of glass it has which are the windows and both give you that different feel of time periods and the reason they were built, so you as the viewer can make an observation and create your own views and ideas on the city.

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