Complete Project #3


My juxtaposition location was about a 5 min walk from City Tech. It was on Jay street and Myrtle. I am Juxtaposing the trees being reflected on light and the buildings in the background. There is a sense of repetition within the trees and the post lamps. I chose this location because it brought up the idea of having patches of nature throughout Nyc. It’s as if it’s forgotten or more like ignored. New Yorkers have adapted to a new way of living and they tend to ignore New York’s details.

One of the biggest distraction nowadays to us is technology, our cellphones have changed the way we view certain things. When was the last time we actually payed attention to the leaves falling off trees or observing all the bushes full of green. This juxtaposition sets a great example trees vs buildings. Buildings representing modern life and trees representing the past but the present.

There was several reading read In class but the one that stuck out to me the most was “What if you could choose between the faster route and the most beautiful” just by reading the title it makes the reader think and it makes me realize that were too busy trying to get to certain places we totally forget about our surroundings, we tend to not have time to observe. We worry that we’re going to get to work late or class. On the image the trees seem to be lightened up and for me it was like a wake up call “look at me”. The time of day affects the picture and its whole point, if I had taken the picture in the morning you would have ignored the trees and focused on the enormous building on the background, but since it was night time the spotlight was all on the trees especially with the lights hitting directly at them. At this point you can barley see the buildings, you can see them but they’re ย not that important they don’t stand out as much anymore.

On the second article “The way we live 11-11-01 lost and found” on ย the third paragraph the author states “the only skyscrapers visible from your carriage were the legs of adults, but you got to know the ground pretty well and started to wonder why some sidewalks sparkled at certain angles” at a very age we started observing our surroundings and not only that but we started understanding what was what and comparing certain objects or colors and as we grew up it’s like we forgot all about what’s within Nyc and focused on what we have to get done everyday. nature is all over New York but do we actually take the time to walk around and see New Yorks natural beauty? The location of the picture is surrounded by buildings, food spots and office buildings. ย Metro tech Commons. is the name of the location where I took the picture of the juxtaposition I found. If you see the map on satellite there is barley and patches of nature near that part of Brooklyn.


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