Class Notes 11/5

Library session: What stands out from the library session on 10/31?

  • know the source
  • know how reliable the source can be
  • biased vs unbiased
  • sometimes we don’t get the information directly from the source
  • +sometimes information comes to us instead of us going to get it–we need to question it.
  • academic source–what is it, do we want to use it, why?
    • research article, from a research journal
    • usually written by professors, graduate students, other academic workers,Β  researchers at related orΒ  non-academic institutions
  • questions about research as you’re doing Project #4 or any other work?
  • does the author get paid? does it matter?

Project #3 drafts:

  1. In one or two sentences, what is your Project #3 about?
  2. What claim or argument do you make? this is the So What of your project.
  3. what is the juxtaposition? what are the two elements you’re comparing?
  4. are you doing all the things that the Project #3 assignment asks for?
  5. when someone reads your draft or listens to you talk about your project, what do you want them to tell you?
    • what is the claim or argument (high order)
    • what stands out or is significant about the juxtaposition
    • does the claim or argument make sense (high order)
    • comparison details: enough, tooΒ  much, not enough?
    • make sure you quote 2 passages and incorporate them into your argument about your juxtaposition
    • questions that they want to know more about
    • grammar (low order)
    • sentence structure
    • vocabulary

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