Class on 10/29; Project #3 updates

In class on 10/24, we discussed a revised schedule for Project #3.

This means that if you haven’t already completed the home work due on 10/24, please post it by the start of class on 10/29. Here are the instructions: Find 3-4 passages from the relevant readings that you can use as support or counterpoint for your project and explain how each supports or contradicts you’re your observed overlap. You will incorporate two of these quotations into your project to either to support what you write or to engage their ideas in contrast with your subject and your interpretation of it.

Please also post and bring to class a draft of Project #3, however far you’ve gotten with it. We will workshop the drafts in class and discuss incorporating the passages you discovered for homework as support or counterpoints for your discussion of the juxtaposition you’re writing about.

We also delayed our discussion of Janny Scott’s β€œHere, Poverty And Privilege Are Neighbors; Income Gaps Are a Source Of Resentment and Guilt”–so please read it and be ready to discuss in class on 10/29.

Questions or concerns? Ask them in reply to this post, or in my office hours, or at the start of class.

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